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Sell My Dell Laptop

Dell LogoBozowi is, without question, one of the best places to sell your laptop. We offer a free courier collection service, same day payments and a permanent data removal service, which ensures that none of your information is inadvertently available to anyone who has access to the information in the future!

To find out how much your laptop is worth, either enter the make and model is the search box above or find it below. If your laptop isn’t in our database then don’t worry, we’ll make you an individual offer within 24 hours via our valuation request form!


About Dell

Dell have been making laptops and desktop PC’s for as long as they have been in circulation, predominantly because they have been one of the leader figures in the computer industry for almost 30 years. While they have slipped over the last few years to become only the 3rd largest personal computer vendor in the world, they still ship more computer monitors than anyone else in the world, along with their extremely strong position within the dedicated server industry and peripherals in general.

The company was founded and run by Michael Dell for the vast majority of its existence, with Mr Dell relatively recently taking full control back when he bought the company back from shareholders and removed it from the stock exchanges, where it had been performing fairly poorly. However, with Mr Dell now focusing on the business more than ever and giving some extra attention to the fundamentals that made Dell a great company, it’s surely just a matter of time before they rise back to their position at the top of the industry.

Dell laptops also now include Alienware and its offerings, after they bought the company in 2006. This inevitably lead to all of Dell’s high end laptops, formally identified by the XPS brand, being discontinued and replaced by an Alienware counterpart. This means that most Dell laptops these days are mid-range at best, with a few exceptions, which many felt might devalue the brand in the long run. Although, this issue was mitigated by adding Dell to the Alienware brand.

Perhaps Dell’s biggest success has been giving the user exactly what they want and need, as opposed to whatever is laying around the factory at the time. They offer the incredible service of being able to build your own computer, whether it’s a laptop, desktop or server, all on their website, which was revolutionary at the time of release. All the customer needs to do is complete a web form and select the components that they would like from a series of dropdown menu’s and make the payment. This really put some distance between Dell and their competitors, who were veering more and more towards just throwing anything they could find into their systems, so long as it was economically and technologically viable.

However, all technology needs to be updated eventually, so it’s inevitable that your laptop will need to either find a new home or be recycled. That’s where we step in.

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