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Mobile Phone Recycling

mobile recyclingIt can’t be stressed enough just how important mobile phone recycling is. Electronic waste has now become one of the worlds leading environmental concerns. In fact, it’s now at a stage where breaking down the items and putting them through traditional recycling processes simply won’t be enough. We need to reuse the phones as much as possible.

That’s what Bozowi does! When you recycle your mobile phone with us, we send you a handsome payment for your device. So not only can you be greener with Bozowi, you can also make your bank account a little healthier too!


What happens to my mobile?

As a general rule, if needed, we refurbish your mobile and find it a new home – usually abroad, in a developing nation where in-expensive technology is desperately needed. This is always the best case scenario as reuse should always be the first option taken when it comes to recycling. The European Commission, the people beside the WEEE directive, suggest that reuse may actually be up to 20x more effective than simply dropping a device into a recycling box for your local council or similar!

However, occasionally we do receive devices that simply are not refurbishable. In such situations we have little choice but to break down the phone and strip it of all precious metals and reusable materials. Once this process has been completed the rest of the unit is sent off to a recycling plant, where it is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


How much do you pay?

The price we will offer you varies wildly depending on the model and condition of the phone. However, we are consistently among the top paying companies in the industry for every model that we accept, so you can rest assured that the offer we do make you isn’t just fair but it’s also the best around.

To get an offer for your device all you need to do is enter the name of the phone in the search bar above and click the relevant result. You’ll then see how much we pay for the unit in the three main different types of conditions; brand new, working and faulty. Select the one that best describes your phone and add it to your basket. Once you have followed the on screen instructions, you will either be sent an shipping package by ourselves to pop your phone into and send back to us free of charge, or we’ll dispatch a courier to pick your device up from you – again, at no cost to you.


Do you revise your offer when the you get the phone?

As a general rule, no we do not. However, that depends entirely on how honest our customers have been with us during the initial quote. For example, if we’re told that the device is working but the screen is broken and there was no mention of that, we’ll obviously need to readjust our initial quote. To ensure that you get an accurate quote, just be as open and honest with us as possible – that way there are no nasty surprises when our engineers inspect the phone during the initial stages of the mobile recycling process.

If you’re not happy with the revised offer then we will obviously return the handset to you – no questions asked.


Who is eligible for a courier collection?

Everyone is eligible for a courier to collect their device, however the service comes at no charge when the total value of your basket is £15.00 or above. For transactions of a lesser value, there is a fee of £5 that needs to be paid.

Those who do not wish to have their package shipped via UPS have the option to provide their own courier. We strongly recommend that all devices sent to us are done so using a service that provides both tracking and insurance.