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Sell My Alienware Laptop

Alienware-LogoOver the years Alienware have continued to innovate, driving the gaming industry forward with specialist gaming systems. They have also maintained their position as the premier gaming laptop supplier, delivering the first dual graphics card laptop in 2006 and expanding into systems like the mx17, mx14 and mx11 ranges in recent years.

With the industry moving so fast and the rapid rate of obsolescence, the pace at which the units lose their value, there really is no time like the present to unlock the value of your machine.

To find out what your laptop is worth, simply enter the make and model into the search box above or locate it below. You can then take advantage of our free UPS courier service, permanent data removal and same day payments!


About Alienware

Alienware represents the premium end of the Dell product range, catering to power users, video editors, graphic designers and gamers – all of whom require substantially more system resources than your typical user. The company came into existence during the mid 90s, around the same time that the internet truly began to go mainstream, with the likes of AOL. This increased the demand for their PC’s exponentially, allowing the company to flourish to the 490 employee’s that it has on its payroll today.

The company was founded by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Anguila. Nelson and Alex were both huge sci-fi fans and shared a keen interest in the exploits of Mulder and Scully, from the X-Files. This lead to the Alienware name, as well as a number of lines that all had their names linked to the sort of things that would appear on the show.

It wasn’t long before the quirky company began to attract the attention of the games bigger players. It’s widely rumoured that Dell began tracking the progress of the fledgling PC builder shortly after the turn of the century, although it would take them a further five years to actually make the acquisition happen. During early 2008, shortly after the start of the global economic crisis, Dell made the decision to drop its own line of high performance machines which had been known as XPS. This lead to a huge boost in support and resources for the Alienware brand, which was already benefiting from Dell’s contacts, lower supply costs and huge existing customer base.

While their desktops have enjoyed good success (including one of the greatest PC’s ever, according to PC World magazine), Alienware have become better known for their gaming laptops. It’s no real surprise when you consider that in 2002 they were the first company to ever produce a laptop that was specifically designed for gaming. The Area 51m, in which the “M” stands for mobile, would act as the benchmark for all who chose to follow them.


Alienware: Key Facts

  • Alienware were the first company to create a laptop designed especially for gaming, way back in 2002.

  • The brand became well known for it’s unique and “flashy” cases, which broke away from the normal black, white or beige tower cases that we all associate with PC’s from the 90’s.

  • Alienware originally named all of their products after something relating to Area 51, including the Area 51 product range itself!

  • The Area 51 ALX was the first mass produced system to break the 4.0 GHz mark, which was achieved with an overclocked CPU

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