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Why Bozowi chooses 24 hour payment over higher prices

We have been asked many times by our customers why our prices may be slightly lower than other companies, and our answer is. 'It comes down to two options, receive a slightly lower price but have the funds in your account as soon as your device has been tested. Or wait up to over a week after your device has been tested and then receive payment.'

Bozowi don't fall behind in competitive pricing, we have consistently offered the highest same day payment for popular devices, such as iPhones, Samsungs and Nokia's. We believe our customers should receive payments as soon as possible, if we have tested your phone there is no reason to delay sending the funds.

Recently on social media, one customer complained to a recycler, they had received an email stating 'your device has passed testing'. This sounded great until she read 'you will receive the funds 8 days later.' The phone was valued at £20, it doesn't seem fair to make someone wait 8 days especially for a low value payment. This is where Bozowi come in, you are guaranteed to receive payment the same day we have tested and passed your device.

The only exception is if you send us a phone classed as faulty, it can take up to 48 hours because the testing duration is a little longer.  

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