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65% of recycled cameras still have the owners pictures on


In 2013 we started to notice a lot of cameras sent into us contained images that had not been deleted. This lead us to go on our own in house fact finding mission based on cameras sent into us, it created some shocking results. The statistics uncovered that 65% of cameras sent into Bozowi contained images that the previous owner had failed to delete. Mobile phones have data left on them at times, however people forget about potential harmful images on other devices such as cameras. We decided to create our own data security campaign, in an attempt to raise awareness to unsuspecting potential customers. Now we regularly publish data security updates and different ways all of our customers can stay safe when recycling their devices.


We compiled our research into a simple graph:

  • 5% had explicit, personal images             
  • 25% had holiday shots on 
  • 62% contained family domestic photos, (birthdays/celebrations) 
  • 8% of photos were un-viewable, blurred or corrupted


We have conducted this research to ensure customers are safe when recycling their devices. The most important thing to do is remove all SD/Memory cards from a camera when sending it in to us. 


For more information on the best ways to recycle your cameras and which models are worth what prices, visit Bozowi's Sell My Camera page.  


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