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Sell My iPhone for Cash, New, Used and faulty


Apple changed the way we view mobile phones today, they raised the bar for their competitors ... Yet there isn't much variety when it comes to their hand sets, nevertheless the few varied iPhone models that do exist, we will buy them. They could be brand new in the box or severely damaged beyond repair, we would love to take it off your hands.   



Things you may not know about the iPhone

iPhone's are also one of the safest mobile phones available regarding data security. The iPhone 4s and above are immune to most data recover software's because of their encrypted data pathways, making them almost impossible to hack after an "erase all content and settings" has been implemented. There may however, still be debris data hidden in the handsets solid state memory, so to reduce all chances of forensic data hacking you can use our Permanent Data Removal service along with your recycle.

We recycle all the iPhone models and offer the highest prices for potential sellers. Whether it's new, used, faulty or even not working at all, we will buy it and get the money into your account as soon as the device is tested. 

Bozowi is the only recycler that offer a true and straight forward Same Day Payment service. Also, with our special Collection Service you can decide when and where we collect your device. This means we work around you, making your experience with Bozowi as convenient as possible.  








Want to sell your iPhone?

Just type your model into the search box above and choose what working condition is it in. Then follow the simple guide and you will have the money in your account before you know it.