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    What a Bowzer

    Yes you definitely will get my nomination for a great speedy service. From start to finish every thing so straight forward.
    Thanks guys for everything, I will definitely be using your services again and will tell all my friends and family.
    Once again Thankyou.

    What a Bowzer .........

    Valerie Hall, UK

    Excellent Service

    Brendan O'Malley and team at Bozowi provided an excellent service. Payment was immediate as described.
    So far Bozowi have proved to be the most efficient recycle site I have come across I would recommend them any day.

    Henry, UK

    Quick, easy and reliable service!

    As a first time customer of Bozowi I was not sure what to expect, but they were quick and the money was in my account the same day the phone was checked in. I ordered my mailing bag on Tuesday, posted my phone out on Friday and received my money on Monday. Would definitely use Bozowi again when recycling my old phones. They also offered the best price on the internet.

    Justina Eaves, UK

    Beats Mazuma anyday!

    I must admit, I was sceptical initially as I'd never sold a phone before.

    I'd never heard of anyone except Mazuma, but found Bozowi to be keener to buy and to get a message at each stage of the process gave me confidence.

    Elizabeth Wood, UK


    I was searching online for a way to recycle my broken iPhone, envirophone offered me £12.10 (absolute joke) and I stumbled across bazowi. I hadn't heard of them so looked at some reviews online and they seemed legit so I sent it off.. It was super quick and very professional. They were friendly and kept me up to date and most of all, they have me the highest quote out of anyone and then sent me a cheque within two days. I would absolutely 100% recommend them.

    Ryan Delaney, UK

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Safety and Security Alert!

Bozowi try to go that extra mile in ensuring the security of our consumers is the best it can possibly be. So much so we have recently conducted a 12 month survey focusing on all the cameras that came in to be recycled. Our findings showed an overwhelming 65% of cameras still had the previous owners photos on them.

5% had explicit images, 25% had holiday shots, 62% were of family members and 8% were corrupted, blurred or un-viewable.

Read more on our study...

So make sure whenever you sell or recycle your cameras, all of the data and images are removed. If you are recycling a phone or mobile device, you can use our permanent data removal service to make sure no data or media can be recovered.