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Sell broken phones for cash - Same day payment

Got a damaged or faulty mobile phone? Before you throw it away, consider selling it to Bozowi and have the payment sent straight over to you the same day of testing.

We offer one of the fastest exchange services for damaged, broken or faulty handsets in the UK, allowing you to make money from your phone hassle free.

Convenience is our priority, so if you are in need of your money urgently we will make sure you get it immediately after it is valued and tested.


What types of damage can we recycle?

We accept broken phones with a numerous faults. You could trade in your mobile with us if it:

  • Is unable to power up
  • Isn’t functioning properly
  • Has a damaged screen, case or buttons 
  • Is water damaged
  • Has no missing components.


Our Unique Services

We try to customise our services around each one of our customers specific needs. We offer a same day payment which makes sure you are paid the day your phone is tested. This is accompanied with a tailored collection service, which gives you the freedom to choose when and where your phone is collected.


What Broken Phones Do We Buy?

We buy a huge range of brands, including:

and many more.