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Being Responsible




If we don't recycle at the rate we consume, our planet might not have long to go. Therefore, we must all play our part in mobile phone recycling. The best bit is, it's hassle free and you even get paid for helping. 

Saving the planet is no easy feat, so we need to work together and help in very way possible. If everyone sent in their old mobile phones for recycling in the UK, we estimate we would receive 100 million handsets. Whilst we'd need a larger warehouse, the average household would be over £30 better off! Why not see how much money you could generate.

Our motto of Refurbish, Reuse and Recycle is the best solution to electrical waste. 

Licenses and procedures

Is mobile phone recycling safe? Yes! We've been recycling for over 22 years and haven't looked back. We have managed processes in place, which are annually and internally audited to the highest standards. We are registered with the Environmental agency as processors and carriers of electric waste, giving you confidence that you are sending your waste to the right place.

So how many phones are there to recycle?

The average life span of a handset is unfortunately determined by the contracts set in place by the Network Providers. This means a phone gets thrown to one side after only 18 months. In any one European country this could be tens of millions of mobile phones in landfill sites. With over 100 million unused handsets, why not be rewarded for phone recycling them rather than waiting until its worth nothing?

How is one mobile phone going to change our planet?

Whilst its only around 0.1 percent of the entire industrial waste accumulation, that's a huge amount which could potentially be saved from landfills.

Can my phone be re-used?

Yes, in most cases your phone will find its way back into circulation within 4 months. It might become someone's lifeline in lesser-developed countries, or to people who may not be able to afford a new phone. This improves local economies, quality of life and personal safety.


Reuse, Refurbish, Recycle

Your mobiles next journey

Once your mobile enters into our system it starts a new journey, to a new life. Most handsets have an economic value, be it within developing countries, for parts to restore someone else's phone, or broken down for the valuable metals. That's not the end either, we always try to find a home, because we believe even old phones are of value to someone. We categorise every phone into one of 3 processes.


Our highest priority is to reuse. This is the most eco-friendly way of recycling. We believe this is the way forward, ensuring that mobile phones find a new home. No waste is created or generated when reusing.


Here at Bozowi we try to refurbish your old and unwanted mobile phones so we can find new homes for them. Leading experts say 15 million old mobiles are upgraded every year in the UK alone, most of which are in perfect working order. They just need a new lease of life. Only the plastic outer casings are replaced which amounts to less than 7% of some phones.


It is unfortunate that in rare instances we are unable to refurbish some phones. In this case we recycle the phones in the most eco-friendly way; plastic casings are shredded, valuable metals are reclaimed from the boards and valuable components are reused to restore other handsets. If disposed of incorrectly, mobile phones can end up at landfill and harm our eco-systems, which is bad news for the environment. In fact, one mobile phone battery contains enough cadmium to pollute up to 600,000 litres of water!

For more information about our Promises, you can read about them on our 'About Our Service – Promises' page.

What happens next to my old phone?

There is a vast amount of refurbished handsets in the marketplace. If you've ever needed to have a replacement sent from the manufacturer, chances are it's been someone else's phone and refurbished. Our refurbished handsets are sold to developing countries around the world. These mobile phones offer a valuable lifeline to the communities, allowing greater communication, and enhancing their quality of life.


Our Promise


All of us here at Bozowi are dedicated and committed to offering the best possible experience when cashing in your mobile along with the highest attention to customer service. We aim to offer the most competitive price for your mobile.

Our Price Guarantee

We guarantee the price we quote is the price we pay you provided your order meets our Testing Criteria. Once our trained engineers have checked your phone(s), if we find any problems or that they do not meet our Testing Criteria we will contact you for your approval first.

If you are not totally satisfied with the revised offer, you can request to have the revised phone(s) returned to you. To ensure the process is as quick as possible, amended orders will be automatically processed for payment if you do not reply to our revised offer email within 14 days.

Freepost Service

Once you've placed an online order, we can post you a welcome pack, which includes a freepost bag and posting instructions. We offer various posting options which include FREE of charge services.

Free postage and collection services are only available from the UK. If you are located outside of the UK please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

Payment Promise

Bozowi believe in ensuring you get paid as soon as possible, we promise to make payment as soon as the phone(s) have been inspected. We offer true values for your handset and unlike some of our competitors are totally against the practice of "overvaluing and underpaying". Some of our competitors on face value will pay drastically more than us only to offer you a reduced amount when then actually receive the handset. Yes they return the handset if their revised offer is rejected, however this can take weeks and often result in the phone being returned with fault s that did not exist when you sent them. Don't fall foul for this underhanded practice!

Environmentally Friendly

We aim to reuse as much of the recycled phones as possible. We then send the phones to developing counties where it may not be possible for some to afford a new handset.

Where mobile phones are not suitable for reuse, we promise to recycle them in the most environmentally friendly way. We are a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Authorised Treatment Facility and fully registered with the Environment Agency.