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Sell My Mobile - Same Day Payments on New, Faulty and Non working Phones


You can recycle more than just your mobile phone with Bozowi, we offer competitive recycling prices for tablets, laptops, cameras and more, find the brand name of your device below to see if we have your device listed and how much you could get for your unwanted items!

We buy phones in almost all conditions, whether they are brand new, faulty or even not working at all. To learn more about Bozowi's phone condition cirteria visit the "our services" page.   

Our same day payment service ensures you are paid immediately after your mobile has been tested, Bozowi are the only recycler that properly offer this. Another service that is exclusive to Bozowi is our customisable and convenient collection service, which means we will collect your mobile phone whenever and wherever is convenient for you.


You can type the name of your device into the search box above to find it even quicker or simply browse the category sections below. 

Our Recycling Services


From iPhone 1G to the 5S, we will buy them all in any condition and will make sure the money is in your account as soon as it has been tested  

We recycle all models of Samsung Smartphones, it doesn't matter how old or new they are we will happily take them off your hands.

Yes we still care about the Blackberry contrary to the consensus. Broken, new or old we will offer you the highest prices for it.  

HTC have produced a variety of different Smartphone's and Tablets, all to which we are more than happy to buy from you in any condition.  

We recycle more than just mobile phones, we will happily buy your iPads and Tablets off you regardless of itscondition. 

Nokia is a classic brand that no phone enthusiast should ever ignore. We will buy any of Nokia's savvy Lumia models in any condition.



Sony Ericsson are about more than just walkmans and CyberShot cameras. Their Xperia range is still renowned for both its variation and design innovation. 

It doesn't matter what condition your phone is in, Bozowi will offer you a fair price with a same day payment.

Got an upgrade? Want to make some extra cash? We offer great prices and fast payments of your upgraded phones. 


Permanent Data Removal

When selling your mobile phones, it is important to consider data protection. You may have already performed a factory reset on your phone or deleted its content, but this isn't always sufficient enough when it comes to experienced hackers.

Forensic data retrieval software is able to reconstruct the data pathways that a factory reset destroys and recover all the hidden data lurking in the handsets solid state memory.

The only way to avoid this is with a Permanent Data Removal, this completely wipes the phone of its actual data, not just the pathways that lead to it. To find out more about having your phone's data completely removed, visit our permanent data wipe page.  


Corporate Recycling

If you represent a company or organisation and wish to recycle your mobile devices, our sister company Corporate Mobile Recycling offer customised solutions to your unique recycling needs.