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Sell My Toshiba Laptop

Toshiba have made some fantastic laptops over the years, all as part of their renowned satellite range. They are known for their sturdy designs, reliable hardware and premium feel. Regardless, all laptops need to be replaced at some point – whether it’s by a new laptop or perhaps even a tablet. That’s why you need Bozowi. Rather than your old device sitting in the bottom of a cupboard or draw for the next couple of years, why not cash in on it now?

Simply type the make and model into our search bar, located at the top of this page and find out how much your laptop is worth! You can then take advantage of our free courier service, same day payments and our optional permanent data removal service, which ensures that any data left on the machine won’t fall into the wrong hands.

About Toshiba

Toshiba has been established since 1938, however its history dates back to 1875 through Shibaura Seisaku-sho, which merged with Tokyo Denki to for the company. The company has operated within a vast array of industries over the course of its history, trying everything from haulage to running their own record label via EMI. In 1974 they put an emphasis on the manufacturing and sale of electrical goods, through their subsidiary Toshiba Electrical Equipment. This would eventually lead to the group evolving into the company that we are more familiar with today.

They operate from their Tokyo based head office, through which they manage their 210,000 strong workforce and generate revenues of more than ¥6.2 trillion, ¥73.7 billion of which is profit. They are currently floated on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the JASDAQ, the National Stock Exchange of India and the London Stock Exchange.

The company have been innovators and leaders within the technology industry for more than 70 years, developing a number of products long before competitors within Japan. One of those firsts was the very first laptop, which they created in 1986. 10 years later they went on to create the first netbook in the form of the Libretto.

In addition to their success in consumer electronics, they have also done well in other areas of business. They are currently the world's leading provider of point-of-sale solutions, providing the hardware that handles credit card payments and various other kiosk related tasks. This came to be via the purchase of IBM’s business within the same industry, which they completed in 2012 in a deal that was thought to be worth more than $800m.

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