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Sell My Sony Laptop

Sony LogoIf you’re looking to sell your old Sony VAIO then you will almost certainly want to check out what we’re offering for it. In addition to the cash, that’s delivered in record time as part of our same day payments policy, we also offer a free courier service and an optional data removal service that uses our military grade software.

To find out what your laptop is worth simply enter the make and model into the search box above or find it in the list below!

About Sony

Sony have had a love hate relationship with the computing industry since it first came to prominence in the 1980’s. At the time, Sony were only shipping to customers within Japan, which narrowed their market too much and drastically impacted the profitability of the computing division. It didn’t take long for Sony to throw in the towel, officially leaving the personal computing industry in 1990 – just when, in the eyes of many, things were really just about to take off.

Six years later they returned to the industry, sporting a new brand that was intended to exclusively address the ever growing market. That brand was VAIO and would go on to become one of the most successful brands of laptop in the world over the next decade, until one of their lines of laptop developed a fault that caused the batteries to explode. This seriously hampered the sales of the VAIO product lines, leading to Sony eventually selling the brand in March of 2014. Sony has stated that, while they have detached themselves from the VAIO brand, they do still have a keen interest within the PC industry – suggesting that they may re-enter the market in the relatively near future. Until that takes place, it’s likely that Sony laptop parts will be extremely hard to get hold of and will more than likely come with a premium price tag, making upgrades all the more important.

This decision seems to have been made with declining PC sales and rising tablet sales in mind, particularly since Sony have placed more emphasis on the Xperia tablets of late. With further declines likely to be on the cards and the companies like Acer and Asus driving prices down due to their lower manufacturing costs, Sony was unlikely to be able to compete while maintaining their “premium brand”.

Sony has maintained a 5% stake in the new VAIO brand, which is now owned and operated by Japan Industrial Partners (JIP).

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