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Sell My Samsung Laptop

Samsung LogoSamsung has been in business since 1938, with its roots in the trading of various commodities but soon found itself within a wide range of industries that ranged from food processing to retail and haulage. The company remains in a much more diverse range of industries to this day, despite many knowing them only as an electronics company. They currently also own Samsung Heavy Industries (who are the second largest shipbuilder in the world) and Samsung Engineering (who are the 13th biggest construction company in the world) to name but a few. Despite their accomplishments elsewhere, Samsung Electronics – more specifically, the mobile phones and personal computing divisions – remains their most profitable business.

When it comes to laptops, Samsung have historically been known to serve the higher ends of the market. Of late that has been emphasised, with their range of ultrabooks proving to be particularly successful. However, since 2011 they entered the lower end of the industry in partnership with Google, producing one of the first Chromebooks along with Acer. These budget laptops had much weaker specifications than the stereotypical laptop due to the lowered requirements of Google’s ChromeOS – allowing Samsung to provide impressive performance within a price range that is usually associated with systems lacking quality.

The Ultrabooks, such as the Series 7’s, tend to come with high end CPU’s, a dedicated mobile graphics card, solid state drives and, more recently, touch screen displays. This is just an example of Samsung providing a premium experience to their users, something they endeavour to do regardless of the price range that the unit may fall within.

Sell Your Samsung Laptop to Bozowi

Of course, no matter how good the hardware in a laptop – or any other system for that matter – may be, it will eventually become obsolete. If you’re looking to sell your laptop then we may well be the company to do it with.

We offer same day payments via the Faster Payments banking system, a free courier service through our partnership with UPS and an optional, military grade, data removal service to ensure that your sensitive information never falls into the wrong hands.

If this sounds like an attractive proposition to you then simply enter the make and model of your laptop in the search box above or find it within the list below and see what we can offer you!

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