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Sell My Packard Bell Laptop

Packard BellIf you happen to have an EasyNote laptop that you no longer use or have decided to upgrade in the near future then why not see what we’ll give you for your soon to be redundant machine? You can take advantage of our free UPS service to get the system to us and then enjoy our same day payments, in addition to military grade data removal, should you wish.

To sell your laptop to us simply enter the make and model in the search box above or find it within the list below and follow the on screen instructions.

About Packard Bell

Packard Bell has a long and successful history within the electronics manufacturing industry, most notably within the personal computing market. However, it was not until 1986, when a new group of investors took control of the brand, that they actually started dealing with computers of any sort. From 1933 to 1968 the company was solely focused on the production and marketing of radio’s, which at the time was one of the primary forms of household entertainment. However, with radio sales beginning to decline due to the rise of television, it wasn’t long before they felt the need to expand into other consumer electronics. The transition was less than smooth, with Packard Bell seeing their share price hit in a big way. So much so that it took the intervention of those investors in 1986 to save the company.

From that point on, they became the Packard Bell that we know today. They shifted their focus to the budget end of the personal computer market and managed to get themselves into a number of nationwide retail stores, placing them in front of millions of consumers every week. They thrived throughout the remainder of the 80’s and into the early 90’s, at one point becoming the biggest vendor of computers in the United States – a title that they held until 1996, when Compaq overtook them.

It was also around this time that NEC purchased a much larger stake in the company, which at a point when the company was teetering on the edge of a massive decline. Unfortunately, NEC were unable to halt this and in 1997-98 they lost more than $1 billion, which eventually resulted in the company being withdrawn from the American market which was now dominated by Compaq.

However, the group as a whole continued to have good success in the European market and have done since. Their lines of laptops and desktop PC’s are particularly popular in the small to medium sized business market, where systems are used for relatively simple tasks, such as spreadsheets, word documents and web browsing. With the company now owned by Acer, it has shifted its focus to the notebook and hybrid market, where it has a relatively good position within the market with its EasyNote range of laptops.

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