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Sell My MSI Laptop

MSI LogoMSI, which stands for Micro-Star International, are an electronics company based in the popular New Taipei in Taiwan. New Taipei is the technological hub of Taiwan, with MSI, Acer and Asus all deciding that their head office would be best served by the city. The company was founded in 1986 and made an almost immediate impact on the industry, releasing the very first overclockable 286 motherboard – allowing users to squeeze the best possible performance out of their systems. The company still follow similar trends today, making most of their components easily overclockable and stable at those higher frequencies. This drastically improves the “bang for buck” that the systems provide.

While the standard of MSI’s portable computer offerings has always been high, it’s important to remember that they are best known for actually manufacturing the individual parts within the systems and selling them direct to consumers that have decided to build their own machines – piece by piece. Their motherboards and graphics cards are particularly well regarded and remain firm favourite amongst gamers who require systems that can perform during long, grueling periods of heavy usage.

It’s that very standard that has pushed towards the top end of the industry. They are by no means one of the biggest companies in terms of units shipped and their revenue is dwarfed by their fellow Taiwanese manufacturers, Asus and Acer. Nonetheless, they do hold a very valuable spot within the industry, which is driven by the trust that its customers have in their products.

However, regardless of the quality of a machine, it’s performance will begin to slump after a while. If that’s the case with your laptop and you’re looking to upgrade then Bozowi can help you along the way. We will make an offer on any laptop, regardless of its age or condition. Since 1999 we have paid out millions of pounds to customers all over the world as we help them to not only unlock some of the cash locked up in their assets but also reduce their carbon footprint by keeping their electronics out of landfill.

The best bit is, it’s all extremely simple! You let us know what you want to sell by adding the product to your basket on our website and complete the checkout process. We will then dispatch our UPS couriers or organise a UPS drop off for you, depending on your preference. Once we receive your stuff, we’ll get you paid in lightning fast fashion thanks to our same day payments policy.

Interested? Either enter the make and model of your laptop in the search box above or find your device below and we’ll get started!

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