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Sell My Lenovo Laptop

If you are looking to sell your Lenovo laptop then you have come to the right place. Simply enter the make and model into the search box above and find out exactly how much it’s worth. If it’s not currently in our database then fear not, you will be directed to a page where you can request a custom quote for your device! Upon your acceptance of our offer, we will dispatch a UPS courier to collect your machine and then get you paid on the same day that it passes testing!

About Lenovo

Lenovo are the worlds largest computer vendor, when measuring such companies by raw unit sales. They have crafted their niche within industry around consumers who are looking to purchase systems with what would usually be considered a “low to mid” range budget. However, their higher end solutions should not be discounted as they offer good quality across the board. Unfortunately, due to the company being chinese and the kind of connotations that come with that when it comes to quality, they are often written off instantly when placed next to other vendors such as Dell, HP or Apple.

They have been in the top 5 vendors for a decade now, making their first appearance within the list in 2004. Since then they have maintained a steady position within the market and then pushed out Dell in 2011, before overtaking HP in 2013 for the #1 spot with 16.9 million units sold in 12 months.

The company now employ more than 35,000 staff and recorded profits of $1 billion last year, from more than $38.5 billion in revenue. While they will always be known as computer specialists, it’s also worth noting that they have recently began to move into many other markets. They now have a full range of tablets and smartphones, most of which have been getting overly positive reviews from the wider technology press.

Lenovo was originally called “Legend”, however they decided to rebrand the company in an attempt to break into the western market. In chinese, Lenovo means “creativity”, or “connection thinking”.

While Lenovo has been known to build reliable laptops over the years, the only real concern that has consistently been raised about the company and its products have been the lack of driver updates for hardware that it chooses to use within its systems, as well as the locked bio’s that they use – making it extremely difficult for users to customize their new systems, should they wish to change operating systems.

Lenovo: Interesting Facts

  • Lenovo commands approximately 1/3rd of the chinese computer market, which is expected to grow further in the coming years.

  • The vendors profits rose from $129 million in 2010 to more than $1 billion in 2014!

  • In 2004, Lenovo bought IBM’s personal computer division.

  • At one point, Lenovo was charging $2,500 for its ThinkPad W700 in the United States, while charging the government in China a staggering $12,500 for the same device!

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