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Sell My Google Laptop

Google has been a dominant fixture in the internet search industry for almost two decade now and began branching out into various other markets shortly after the turn of the century. These have included mobile phones, map services, emails and even self driving cars. So, it almost seems natural that they would have their own laptops. As it currently stands, there is only one officially Google branded laptop and that is the Google Pixel, which will likely be updated in the relatively near future to keep it up to speed with the ever improving competition.

The Pixel runs Google’s ChromeOS software, so there is no Windows or OSX. Instead, it’s just you, something resembling a desktop and a web browser. Some people are put off by this as they feel the need to use Excel, Word or PowerPoint for work and various other activities but for the average user, almost all of their computer time is spent “in the cloud” (online) anyway. Chromebooks, the category of which the Pixel is without question the best in, have plenty of solutions for most problems that people encounter but they all come in the form of web apps, rather than native applications. This can be problematic for some, especially those that don’t constantly have an internet connection at hand. Users who fall into this category often revert back to a more traditional operating system like Windows relatively soon.

If you are one such user then you will be pleased to know that you can cash in on your Pixel as you move back to your prefered method of computing. Bozowi has been purchasing, recycling and generally repurposing consumer electronics since 1999 and we have recently expanded our catalog even further on the feedback from our customers.

Selling to us is easy, convenient and fast. There are a host of features to our service that you can take advantage of, such as free courier collections, same day payments and our military grade data removal service that ensures nobody can access your data once we have wiped it.

Google: Interesting Facts

  • Google is the most valuable brand in the world, according to a recent study that valued it at $159 billion.

  • When you run a Google search, the website takes into account over 200 different factors within that 0.43 seconds it takes to display your results!

  • The above fact is even more impressive when you keep in mind that they handle more than 2,000,000 searches per second!

  • Google Street View now covers more than 5,000,000 miles of road around the globe.

  • Google purchased Youtube in 2007, which now has over 6,000,000,000 (that’s six billion) hours of video watched on its site every single month.

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