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Sell My Fujitsu Laptop

Fujitsu LogoWe offer a tailored service, which gets you paid as soon as possible for your unwanted laptop. Free courier collection via UPS, same day payments into your bank account and the option to have us use our military grade data removal tools are all part of the package. There really has never been a faster, more secure and profitable way to get rid of your old system.

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu was founded in 1935, making it one of the oldest IT companies in the world, trailing only IBM who were established in 1881 with their workforce clocking card system. Since their inception, they have gone on to become the world’s third largest vendor of IT based equipment, trailing only Hewlett Packard and IBM. While the company have been known to provide a wide range of services within the IT sector, including business to business consulting, they have remained relatively end-user focused with their vast portfolio of consumer electronics.

Because Fujitsu are a Japanese company, it struggles to compete with the likes of Lenovo, Acer or Asus when it comes to budget laptops – primarily due to the low labour costs in China and Taiwan. Instead, Fujitsu have had to carve themselves a niche within the mid-range laptop market, where their quality is well respected within the industry and consumers know that they are getting a dependable system.

All current Fujitsu laptops are marketed as “Lifebooks”, of which there are three different categories. The all-round, advanced and superior. Each of these categories targets a different type of user, with the all-round being suitable for the typical person looking to enjoy social media, while the superior would be used in professional settings where speed and performance are off the essence. Whatever model you have, we’ll make you an offer!

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