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Sell My Compaq Laptop

If you are looking to sell your Compaq laptop then Bozowi may very well be the company that you have been looking for. We buy peoples unwanted stuff, allowing them to get their hands on the much needed finance to allow for an upgrade – or just unlock the cash value of their assets!

If you would like to see what we are offering for your device then all you need to do is enter the make and model into the search box above or locate it within the list that you will find below. If you find the offer agreeable then you will be able to take advantage of a plethora of features such as our free courier service via UPS, same day bank payments for your stuff and an optional permanent data removal service.


About Compaq

Compaq were one of the single most successful companies of the 1980s and 1990s. They were the first company to be able to reverse engineer the IBM PC’s that had a near monopoly on the business market at the time, allowing Compaq to develop various products that would work in conjunction with them or (in some situations) replace them. This gave them a great market position during the 80’s and the fact that they reached the Fortune 500 within 4 years of their incorporation can almost single handedly be attributed to this technological breakthrough.

Throughout the next decade they would continue to build on their position as the worlds 5th largest supplier of personal computers, reaching the peak of the industry during the 90s when they took IBM’s crown. They weren’t able to hold onto the torch for long though. I 2001 they were overtaken by Dell, as Compaq struggled to find its feet after the dot-com bubble burst in March of 2000.

Just 2 months later the company was purchased by HP in a $25 billion deal that would see the company moved into the specialised and competitive industry of budget machines. The former head office in Texas is now HP’s largest service center and remains active, with many of Compaq’s original staff still employed there to this day.

From 2005 onwards the company enjoyed great success in the budget laptop niche, while still maintaining their position within the industry as a reputable desktop vendor. They have been particularly popular with companies who need to provide their staff with mobile workstations, due to their rugged, “no frills” approach to product design.


Compaq: Interesting Facts

  • The company’s name was originally Gateway Technology but was soon replaced with Compaq after a meeting with advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather.

  • Compaq were the youngest company to ever get into the Fortune 500, after just 4 years in business.

  • The original idea for the companies first product was a portable PC (not a laptop) that was 100% compatible with the IBM-PC’s that were getting so much attention from software developers and consumers alike.

  • The three men who started Compaq were all middle management at Texas Instruments prior to each investing $1,000 into their new business venture.

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