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Sell My Acer Laptop

Acer Laptop LogoWith the value of your laptop depreciating on an almost daily basis and the speed of which it becomes obsolete, there has never been a better time to sell your device. We specialise in allowing people to unlock the value of their assets, offering cash for stuff that people no longer have a use for or plan to upgrade in the near future.

To make the process as simple and fast as possible, we offer a free courier collection service, same day bank payments and an optional permanent data removal service across most of our catalog of more than 100,000 products, ensuring that nobody gets their hands on sensitive information that may be stored on your device. If you would like to find out how much we will pay for your device, simply enter its make and model into the search box above or find it in the list below.


About Acer

Acer is an electronics manufacturer that specializes in the design of computers and their peripherals. The company is based in New Taipei, in Taiwan, where they have been based since their inception in 1976, when Stan Shih founded the company.

At one point, Acer were retailing more than 100 different netbooks and laptops, ranging from high end and lightweight units that are aimed at businessmen and women who need performance on the move, all the way down to Chromebooks which are tailored to offer strong web performance to users on a shoestring budget. This figure was drastically cut in 2012 as the company looked to shore up their financial footing but they still remain one of the biggest shippers of laptops in the world.

Their position within the laptop market really came about after they found themselves as one of the most influential companies within the market circa 2005. They then rode the boom of mobile computing as it expanded at rates that very few had expected. This increase in revenue afforded Acer the chance to acquire a couple of companies that had been their competition for some time; namely their 75% stake in Packard Bell and the entirety of Gateway. These swift acquisitions once again strengthened their position within the computing market, moving them to #2 and #3 for notebooks and desktop PC’s respectively.

Acer have enjoyed the most success in the lower end of the laptop market, providing budget solutions which regularly require updating within a year or two and encourage repeat custom. This has allowed the company to develop a loyal following of users that frequently shop within this range, instead of spending upto £1,000 in one go for a system that will only last an extra 12-18 months.


Acer: Key Facts

  • Acer employed over 7,500 as of 2011, the vast majority of which were based in Taiwan.

  • The company was originally called Multitech, a name chosen by founder Stan Shih

  • Mr Shih stepped up to save the company from financial turmoil in 2011, following the departure of both the CEO and President – both of whom resigned due to their failings.

  • Their revenue in 2011 topped $16bn, although they lost $225m that same year.

  • With five Chromebooks within their portfolio and the acquisition of iGware Inc (software developers in the cloud based industry) in 2011 for $320m, it’s clear that Acer consider cloud computing to be the next big thing.

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