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Sell My Nikon Camera

With the rise of smartphones and the ever improving quality of the cameras that they come equipped with, cameras are becoming more of a burden than a necessity. This is leading to an increasing number of people deciding to sell their SLR’s and standard point and click, particularly with money becoming tighter and tighter during an increasingly harsh financial climate. Of course, professional photographers will always need to have the best equipment that they can possibly lay their hands on but your average Joe has no need for a specialist device when they have a perfectly functional camera in their pocket, no matter where they may be going.

That’s where Bozowi steps in. We will buy your old (or new) camera, and can even guarantee same day payments. Additionally, we also offer a free courier service to all of our customers that send us items to the value of £15 or more – which your camera will most certainly qualify for. If your camera has the ability to store photos’ on its own built in flash storage then it may well be worth considering our permanent data removal service, which utilizes our military grade software to ensure that no sensitive information remains on the device when it eventually leaves our facility.

If you would like to find out how much your camera is worth then simply enter the make and model into the search box above or, if it’s a Nikon, you may be able to find it within the list below.


About Nikon

Nikon was founded in 1917 as part of a merger between three of the biggest photography companies of the time, a lofty position that Nikon has maintained over the course of its almost 100-year history. While they are known today as a leading producer of SLR and DSLR cameras, they were used by the Japanese government during World War II as a source of weaponry and equipment for soldiers to use during deployment. This allowed them to continue to make solid profits from their 20,000+ workforce during an economic downturn and ultimately left them in a prime position as Japan exited the war.

The company have maintained their head office in Tokyo through-out their entire history, however their manufacturing locations are now spread across Asia. Their primary location is based in northern Thailand, north of Bangkok, while some of their cheaper lines – such as the Coolpix range – are made in China.

Nikon are widely regarded as the leading figure behind the shift from SLR’s to DSLR’s amongst professional photographers, with their D1 camera being considered to be the first that could produce images of a high enough quality to pass publication and editorial standards, while not requiring a film.

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