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Sell My FujiFilm Camera

FujiFilm LogoJust as with all other brands of camera, FujiFilm has seen the demand for their products decline in recent times. This decline has predominantly come following the rise in popularity of smartphones, which almost always come with a camera that is more than capable of being used for day-to-day snaps, which would have historically been taken by a designated camera.

Naturally, with people no longer needing cameras, there is also a huge number of people selling ones that they already own – with hundreds of thousands of units across the nation laying in drawers and boxes, going completely unused. However, with Bozowi, you can turn your old camera into cash.

All you need to do is pop the make and model into the search box above or, alternatively, locate it at the bottom of this page. You will then be given a price for your camera for multiple conditions, such as brand new, working and faulty. If the offering is to your liking then simply complete the order process and we will automatically arrange for a UPS courier to collect your camera and send you payment on the same day that the device is tested.


About FujiFilm

FujiFilm is one of the world's largest specialist photography and optics companies, producing millions of units every single year from its many production plants. Founded in 1934, they are also one of the oldest companies within the industry, along with the likes of Nikon and Canon.

While many of their competitors have openly admitted that the traditional film using cameras are no longer a priority of theirs, FujiFilm have reiterated time and time again that they have no plans to cease production of their physical film lines. In 2006 a spokesperson confirmed that such products accounted for around 3% of their total revenue, which was 2.1 trillion yen in 2010 – meaning that approximately £360 million of their revenue is from the traditional film market.

Despite their firm stance, they have branched out into the digital camera market with great success. Their FinePix lines are particularly successful with consumers and command a large marketshare. Additionally, their GW670, GW690, GF670 and GF670w cameras that target the professional camera user have proven to be extremely popular.

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