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Sell My Flip Camera

Despite Flip’s best efforts, their camcorders are being threatened by the ever increasing quality of recordings on mobile phones. Initially, this wasn’t too big an issue but with the outbreak of phones with front facing cameras and those cameras now being able to record in HD, questions about the Flip’s relevance are being asked and many owners have been selling the camcorder to Bozowi. In 2011, Cisco decided to close Flip’s doors for business and remove them from the industry gracefully, as opposed to trying to get consumers to carry yet another gadget around when the average smartphone offers all the same features.

If you have a Flip camera that has now become redundant then you may be interested to see what we will pay you for it. All you need to do is enter the make and model into the search box above or find it within the list below, which will provide you with an instant quote. If the our offer is acceptable to you, we will then automatically arrange a UPS courier to come and collect your camera – FREE of charge. Just to top it off, once we have tested your device and carried out our a permanent data removal process (if requested), you will be paid on the same day via our Faster Payments system, which makes the funds available to you there and then.


About Flip

Flip was owned and operated by Pure Digital Technologies from its inception in 2006, through to its acquisition by Cisco in 2009. The camcorder range proved to be incredibly popular throughout the three year period, particularly amongst the YouTube community, which was beginning to get real mainstream traction. By the time the company’s sale went through it had a 26% market share, making it the market leader.

Under Cisco’s guidance, sales began to slowly decline, predominantly due to the rise of smartphones and their video recording solutions. By Christmas of 2010 sales had declined by 19% year on year. This eventually lead to Cisco deciding to close the business down, surprising many given the $590m price tag that they purchased the company for two years earlier and the fact that they still lead the industry in market share at the time.

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