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Sell My Canon Camera

Over the course of the last two decades we have seen cameras make the shift from being physical film based products to digital ones. Gone are the days of needing to queue up at the local chemist to get your film processed; it’s now simply a case of plugging your camera into your computer and hitting print. However, many camera owners still find that they don’t use the camera that often and watch their expensive purchase sit on the shelf collecting dust and losing value. This has predominantly been caused by the rapidly improving quality of cameras on smartphones, which are much more accessible and commonly carried around by the owner at all times. This means they have filled the need for an “every day” camera, eliminating the need for a secondary device in most consumers cases.

Bozowi lets you unlock the value of your unwanted assets, such as cameras, in a fast and efficient way. Simply enter the make and model of your camera into the search box above or find it within the list below and get an instant offer! We’ll then provide a free courier service via UPS, which makes our same day payments all the sweeter – allowing us to get most of our customers paid within 48 hours of their order being placed!

The added bonus of dealing with Bozowi is our huge catalog, that now contains more than 100,000 products. This means that if you’re having a clear out of old or unused belongings, we’ll take the lot! If it’s not in our catalog then simply fill out our valuation request form and someone will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours!

Multiple items, one courier and one rapid payment – straight into your bank account! What could be easier?

About Canon

Canon have been in the imagery and optics business since their inception in 1937. They were originally known as Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory and were based in the Japanese capital, where their headquarters remains to this day. Over the course of their first 30 years they would develop a number of innovations within the industry, with their most notable successes coming in the television broadcasting market. Despite their impressive credentials and early achievements, they soon moved towards the consumer market, producing some of the best cameras of the time – such as the Canon 7 and Canola 130. The real breakthrough however didn’t come until 1965 when they released their first SLR, which stands for single lens reflex. The Canon Pellix was a hit and remained their flagship camera for the next six years, enjoying great commercial success and plaudits from not only the photography industry but also consumers themselves.

As the company moved into the 1970’s, it had found itself with an entirely new focus and target audience to which it had initially launched with. Nonetheless, they continued to adapt well to an ever changing marketplace and grew their presence within it.

In 1992 they released their very first digital camera, which set the ball rolling for them to become a true powerhouse within the industry. In addition to their SLR’s and DSLR’s, Canon are also highly regarded manufacturers of camcorders, which remain a popular item with consumers to this day.

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