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Permanent Data Removal For Mobile Phones

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How do I securely erase ALL of my mobile device's data?

Bozowi is the only UK recycling company which offers its customers and clients a service that permanently deletes the data within their mobile devices; this applies to mobile phones, tablets, iPod, etc. The service prevents any hidden flat data (located in the devices solid state memory) being retrieved under any circumstances. The service removes your phone and other mobile device's data to such a standard, even Forensic Data Retrieval software would be unable to recover it. 

Forensic recovery software was once used by the police and law enforces to retrieve potential criminal's data from their devices even after it had been deleted or undergone factory resets. The software can recover the follow data from your devices -

Photos, Videos, Bank details, Phonebooks, Speed Dials, Web Connections, Incoming Call Information, GEO Event Positioning, Passwords, Google Services, SMS, and Email, Skype, Social Networks, Messengers, Web Browsers, Applications, Wifi traffic/sessions log, E-mail messages log, Deleted Messages information, Bluetooth Connection and much more.

Bozowi's Permanent Data Removal services prevents software like this from retrieving any of the data mentioned above.


Android devices are particularly susceptible

Android devices have been highlighted on occasion as being particular susceptible to such forensic data retrieval methods by new owners of second hand devices. The award winning Tesco Hudl was the main device that recently came under fire after it was used during a series of tests by the BBC. The conclusion was that simply running a factory reset will not delete the data that is stored on the device but rather stop the operating system from linking to it.


Why is Data Removal Important?

Bozowi has spent the last year attempting to make people aware of dangers forensic data retrieval software poses on their private data, yet the subject has only recently made headline news. Channel 4 conducted a practical investigation looking into how easy it is to recovery data from recycled mobile phones, even after a factory reset or rewriting the software. Here is a video the channel made about the dangers of recycling your mobile phone without using a permanent data removal. 




Bozowi's Services


Permanent Data Removal (Standard)

This service will consist of a military standard data wipe on your mobile device, which will include a serial number and unique tracking ID so you can monitor the process whilst it's in our possession. When the full data removal is completed you will be able to download an official 'certificate of destruction' to confirm your data is now unrecoverable.  

To purchase this service on its own, simply contact us


Mobile Recycling + Permanent Data Removal

When you sell your mobile phone, iPad or camera to Bozowi for recycling, you can also include a permanent data removal to run alongside it. This includes all the features you get with the standard service. We recommend that anyone that sells their mobile device uses the data removal service to ensure their hidden data is completely removed.

No extra effort is required from yourselves, as soon as your sold phone is received we will implement the data removal service as we process your sold device.

You will not need to contact us for this, the Permanent Data Removal option will be available on the check-out page as you process your sold phone.    


Certificate Of Destruction

When you use our Permanent Data Removal service you will have access to a digital certificate of deconstruction, to officially confirm that all your data has been removed and is no longer susceptible to forensic data retrieval software.