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About Our Service


Why Use Bozowi?


We buy new phones and pay you 25% more on some models!!

Why get paid used phone prices for your new mobile phone? Because we know some people don't always want to change their handset when it's time to upgrade, we offer better prices for your brand new in box phone.


Super-fast same day Payment

We aim to pay for your device the same day we receive and test it. However, occasionally Royal Mail do not deliver handsets to us until after 1PM, which means depending on volume we may be forced to process and pay for handsets the following working day. Either way you will not have to wait 3-5 days for payments to clear into your bank account. Thanks to Faster Payments you receive your money as soon as we test it - instantly!


Quick and easy on-line process

The service is completely free. Finding time to sell your item can be difficult so we have simplified the online process at Bozowi to make your life easier.


When experience counts

We are backed by a management team with over 50 years combined experience within the mobile phone recycling sector and have been recycling since 1988.


All Networks accepted

We accept phone handsets on any network regardless of which network provider is has been locked to, even if you have had it unlocked.


Environmentally friendly

Selling your phone is really good for your planet and good for your pocket. Even if you phones has no value, you can still contribute by recycling.


Vast model range

We have all sorts of makes and models sent to us. Our list is one of the largest and most current databases, and continually growing! If your model isn't listed, simply send me an email by going to the 'Contact Us' tab and contact our Support Team. I'm sure we can give you a price.


The best on-line prices

We want used phones. So we offer you the best prices, which means you're getting the best.


Free Welcome pack when you sell 

Just sell us your phones on-line and we'll even send you a Welcome pack containing a Free-post bag. Send us your phones. That simple!


How It Works!


1. Find your phone
Enter your model into our Search box, or if you prefer, simply click on the manufacturer and choose from the list of phones in our gallery.

2. Place your order
Once you have selected your phone, enter your details and send us your order. If you'd like to check its progress - you can track it in the 'My Account' section of our site. We'll email you as soon as book your order for your own peace of mind.

3. We send you a Post Bag
We offer the quickest service. Once you receive a confirmation email we'll send you Welcome pack containing a post bag, usually within 24 hours of your order.

4. You send us your phone
As soon as you receive the Welcome pack, place your phone(s) inside and send them to us!

5. We check the order
Upon receipt of your phone we'll send you an email to notify you that it has arrived. We check that the delivery is complete and that all phones are in the condition you selected.

6. You get your money, simple
...And the best is, we process your payment as soon as it's been confirmed. If you have opted for a Super-fast payment you'll receive your payment a couple of hours later!


Our Promise


All of us here at Bozowi are dedicated and committed to offering the best possible experience when cashing in your mobile along with the highest attention to customer service. We aim to offer the most competitive price for your mobile.

Our Price Guarantee

We guarantee to pay the  initial offer price provided your order meets our Testing Criteria. If we need to revise the offer for any reason once your order has been checked by our trained engineers we will contact you before any payment is made.

If you are not satisfied with the revised offer you can request to have the device(s) returned to you. To ensure the process runs smoothly any revised offers will be paid after 14 days if we do not hear back from you.

Freepost Service

Once you've placed an on-line order, we can post you a welcome pack, which includes a free-post bag and posting instructions. We offer various posting options which include FREE of charge services.

Free postage and collection services are only available from the UK. If you are located outside of the UK please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

Payment Promise

Bozowi believe in ensuring you get paid as soon as possible. We promise to pay you as soon as the device(s) has been tested. We promise to offer you a fair price for your handset(s) and promise to never 'overvalue and underpay'. Others may offer more but never have any intention of paying the full amount once they receive it. Then you risk long delays in either getting paid or having your handset returned to you. Don't fall foul of these underhand practices!

Environmentally Friendly

We aim to reuse as much of the recycled phones as possible. We then send the phones to developing counties where it may not be possible for some to afford a new handset.

Where mobile phones are not suitable for reuse, we promise to recycle them in the most environmentally friendly way. We are a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Authorised Treatment Facility and fully registered with the Environment Agency.


Testing Criteria


Brand New - device should:

  • Be brand new in original manufacturer's box
  • Be in Mint condition, complete with all accessories
  • Never have been Used or even handled
  • Never have been used, or even handled, with all data and voice usage timers set at zero
  • Be in pristine packaging - no dents, rips, labels, writings, markings or any other imperfections
  • Be as per delivery from manufacturer, not opened and must be sealed if applicable.
  • Be unlocked. We may offer a revised price if your device is locked to a network or operator. We will allow you to contact your network and request the unlocking code so we can pay you the full price

Working - device should:

  • Power on and off to the home screen beyond any welcome notes
  • Be fully functional and operational, with all features in perfect working order
  • Have a working LCD/touch screen that is intact, has no missing pixels, screen burn, cracks, dents, spills or any other imperfections
  • Include the original battery, enclosed within the phone casing
  • Not have any physical damage such as cracks, dents, nicks, paint or finishes peeling off.
  • Not have any significant damage. By way of example only, damage classed as significant includes, but is not limited to: broken, scratched, or cracked LCD screens; camera function not working, or damage to the camera; buttons missing from the phone or other keypad damage; excessive scratches, cracks or dents;
  • Not have any scratches visible from an arms-length distance, or have more than 10 scratches upon closer inspection. With smartphones, there must be NO scratches on the screen at all. A scratch is any imperfection which is greater in length than 1mm 
  • Not be reported as Lost or Stolen, or Barred for any reason
  • Not be bPIN locked, user password locked, or have any other user set password or security which prevents full operation of all functions
  • Appear in our online guide
  • Be of UK or GSM European specification
  • Not show signs of repair or attempted repair. Any manufacturer security seals must be present and not tampered with in any way
  • Be made of original parts as per the manufacturer. We will offer you a reduced price if should we find any third party, or non-genuine parts in your device
  • Be unlocked. We may offer a revised price if your device is locked to a network or operator. We will allow you to contact your network and request the unlocking code so we can pay you the full price.

Non-Working - is a device which may have faults or damage and not work correctly but must be able to be repaired by ourselves or any other manufacturer approved facility, the device should/can

  • Include the original battery
  • Not be crushed or in pieces
  • Power up or show signs of powering up. It should not be completely dead. 
  • Should not be B.E.R (Beyond Economical Repair) we do not accept any devices which we are unable to repair, any non-repairable devices will be given a scrap value.
  • Not show signs of repair or attempted repair, any manufacturer security seals must be present and not tampered with in any way.
  • Have signs of liquid/water damage or have liquid indicator tab triggered but it must still fully power up to the home screen
  • Examples of faulty/non-working devices include, but is not limited to, those with broken LCDs, displays or digitizers; have cracked or broken housings, button/s that don't work; corrupt but repairable software; or any other fault that we or a manufacturer approved facility can repair
  • If you have an Apple device with iOS7 or above, you must make sure you remove your account from the device before you send it to us by following our iOS7 Removal Guide

Examples of faulty devices includes, those with broken Lcds, displays or digitizers, have cracked or broken housings, button don't work etc, corrupt but repairable software, or any other fault which we or an manufacturer approved facility can repair.


Fails to meet Requirements - Regardless of what condition you send your device in you will receive zero value if any of the following apply to your device and it will be classed as Scrap. (We may however offer a price if we are able to salvage parts from your device)

  • Physically broken, or in more than one piece
  • Does not power up, is completely dead
  • Broken, snapped, or cracked hinges
  • IMEI or serial numbers are missing, tampered with, not matching, or changed
  • SIM glued in
  • Memory card glued in
  • Severe liquid ingress or damage as a result of the device coming into contact with water, or liquids containing water
  • The device must have its original operating system. Must not be missing, corrupted or modified - e.g. Jail-broken, rooted etc.
  • Bent circuit board
  • Not a genuine product, e.g. Counterfeit
  • Logged on the IMEI blacklist register
  • Barred by network
  • If you have an Apple device with iOS7 or above, you must make sure you remove your account from the device before you send it to us by following our iOS7 Removal Guide.

The above lists are not exhaustive and we reserve the right to amend this list at any time. When we inspect or test your phone, we will not pay as much as the original, indicative value if we find that your phone does not comply with all these conditions.

OTHER CHARGES - which may apply to your order

1. *Return postage charges will apply. This includes secure, insured next day delivery, packaging, and handling cost of your device and are currently:

- Device with a replacement value of up to £50 or less £5
- Device with a replacement value of more than  £10.

2. We will remove all user set security such as passwords, PIN codes etc where present but this takes time so we will reduce the offer by £10.00 to pay for this. Please ensure you remove any user set security before you send the device to us.

Please note, we are unable to reassess or re-test any devices after our initial evaluation. If you do not accept a revised offer you are able to reject it and have the device returned to you upon paying postage charges as outlined above.

By sending your device to us you are agreeing to sell it to us at a price that reflects its condition applied by us and not necessarily the amount displayed when you place your order. We only make revised offers when we have no choice but to. If you would like to know more please review our full Terms and Conditions


What Happens To Your Mobile

Your mobiles next journey

Once your mobile enters into our system it starts a new journey, to a new life. Most handsets have an economic value, be it within developing countries, for parts to restore someone else's phone, or broken down for the valuable metals. That's not the end either though, we always try to find a home, because we believe even old phones are of value to someone. We categorise every phone into one of 3 processes.


Our highest priority is to reuse. This is the most eco-friendly way of recycling. We believe this is the way forward, ensuring that mobile phones find a new home. We reuse almost all handsets to somewhere in the world, often in developing economic territories where access to mobile communication makes a real difference to their lives. No waste is created or generated when reusing.


Here at Bozowi we try to refurbish your old and unwanted mobile phones so we can find new homes for them. By refurbishing the phones we ensure as fewer phones are broken down for parts or recycled. Leading experts say 15 million old mobiles are upgraded every year in the UK alone, most of which are in perfect working order. They just need a new lease of life. Only the plastic outer casings are replaced which amounts to less than 7% of some phones.


It is unfortunate that in rare instances we are unable to refurbish some phones. In this case we recycle the phones in the most eco-friendly way; plastic casings are shredded, valuable metals are reclaimed from the boards and valuable components are reused to restore other handsets. If disposed of incorrectly, mobile phones can end up at landfill and harm our eco-systems, which is bad news for the environment. In fact, one mobile phone battery contains enough cadmium to pollute up to 600,000 litres of water!

For more information about our Promises, you can read about them on our 'Our Promise' page.

What happens next to my old phone?

There is a vast amount of refurbished handsets in the marketplace. If you've ever needed to have a replacement sent from the manufacturer, chances are it's been someone else's phone and refurbished. Our refurbished handsets are sold to developing countries around the world. These mobile phones offer a valuable lifeline to the communities, allowing greater communication, and enhancing their quality of life.