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Convenient Collection Service

Zowi with a package

Bozowi's courier collection service makes it easy, convenient and fast for you to recycle your unwanted devices. Instead of waiting in a long queue at the post office, or rushing out to the postbox and risking the loss and/or damage to your valuable devices, why not book a collection?

With our Collection Service you can decide when and where we should collect your devices, those devices will be collected as arranged and will be delivered directly to us on the very next day, which means your device will be booked in quicker, tested and you can be paid as fast as humanly possible. We're sure that you will struggle to find a faster service!

What's even better is that your devices will be insured upto the value of your basket, so you have peace of mind that if your device goes missing or gets damaged during transit, Bozowi has your back.


Am I eligible?

Yes! Everyone is eligible for this service in one form or another. Anyone who is sending us goods that we have valued at £15 or more will have the courier collection service available to them at no cost, while those that find their basket comes in below that figure can choose to add the service at a cost of £5.


What if I’m not at home?

No problem! If you’re not at home then you can take your items to a UPS drop off point, where they will be collected and delivered to us as usual. If you’re at work and are able to have the courier sent there, that’s also a valid option. The whole point of the service is to offer you greater flexibility and a smoother, faster service. We’ll do whatever we can to support your needs.


Which courier provides the service?

Rather than settling for a smaller company who may not have been able to cater to the requirements of our customers, we sought to team up with the very best in the business. It’s for that reason that we are proud to say our courier service is provided by UPS, one of the worlds most recognizable and trusted brands. They handle hundreds of millions of packages every year and have the infrastructure to ensure that your device reaches us in the fastest possible manner.


How long does shipping take?

UPS are normally able to pick the package up the day after the order is placed, should that be convenient for you. It then takes anywhere from 12 to 36 hours for it to reach us. No matter what happens, you will be able to track your package every step of the way; from courier pick up to what department of Bozowi it’s current in!