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How will you watch the 2014 World Cup?

The world cup is perhaps the biggest sporting event on the planet, with the Olympic Games being it’s only real contender to that title. As such, it’s no surprise that thereare hundreds of millions of people across the globe that are now preparing to enjoy the sporting spectacle – but this time round, it’s going to be slightly different.

During the last World Cup, which was held in South Africa in 2010, we had 3G connectivity but a relatively small percentage of mobile devices were able to actually facilitate the live streaming of a game. This was primarily down to the hardware within the devices, with processors rarely having the power to stream full HD video and those that were able to often ran down their batteries in an extremely short amount of time. 4G has now come along giving users access to even higher data speeds, which results in higher quality and faster HD streaming. 4G contracts are now more or less fully integrated into network providers, with all of them now upgrading masts in an attempt to cover more areas. In 2013 Vodafone promised to cover 98% of the UK population with their 4G network by 2015.

Uploading, downloading and streaming make up more than 25% of 4G network traffic, YouTube makes up over 12% alone. More 4G users download large apps, interact with social media and use GPS functions in comparison to 3G data. Couple 4G with large screen phones and tablets, you have the perfect device for watching the 2014 World Cup. 

England are up against Italy in their first match on Saturday, lucky it won't go to penalties this time...


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