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5 ways to tell if an iPhone is fake

Bozowi receive many phones each day, many of which are genuine models, however every now and then fake handsets are sent in trying to pass off as real versions. This is an everyday problem for consumers when they are purchasing phones as the quality of fake handsets is rapidly improving. Many fakes have come into Bozowi, some more obvious than others, so we have compiled a list of simple techniques to use when trying to spot a fake iPhone. This list is for iPhones in general, however we ran some tests on the 4s as we received 6 fakes in one day!

Bozowi's top 5 ways to spot a fake iPhone:


1. The Weight


The exact weight of an iPhone 4s is 140 grams, we carried out an in house test and found fakes tend to vary between 90-120 grams. Each iPhone has its own specified weight (which can be found here these will not vary, for example an iPhone 5c will not weigh more or less than 132 grams.


2. iOS 6/7


Apples iOS 6/7 cannot be replicated, so the fakes come with a poor imitation. Many fake phones now come with a fake operating system (OS), these will be very obvious from the outset, when in doubt compare alongside a genuine OS.


3. Darker Screens


Real iPhone screens are much darker when turned off. In our in house tests we placed a real iPhone 4s next to a fake model and the screens were clearly different qualities. (pictures available)


4. Memory Cards and iPhone don't mix


You should not be able to insert a memory card into the iPhone. The back cases of fake iPhones can easily be removed in order to insert a microSD or dual SIM cards. Real iPhones cannot have anything other than a single genuine SIM card, many of which now use a Nano SIM.


5. There's only one IMEI


The IMEI number is on the SIM card tray of every genuine model. To see if yours is real you can enter the number on the official Apple website here: Every genuine iPhone will appear on Apples official IMEI data base. When the number is entered the phone model will appear along with a message stating it has a valid purchase date. The IMEI number can be found in various places depending on which model it is, iPhone 3G, 3Gs, iPhone 4 and 4s can be found on the SIM card tray. iPhone 5 and above, the IMEI number can be found on the back of each model.

These are what we think to be the main ways to spot a fake iPhone, however stay tuned for more makes and models coming up, in order to help customers of Bozowi spot fake phones. 

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