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Top 5 Smartwatches

While the smart watch industry is still very much in its infancy, there are already quite a few impressive products on the market. Yes, there is the usual wave of chinese imports all over the internet (usually running on the Android OS) that are borderline useless but if you know what you're looking for, you can still get good value and a device that's not likely to disappoint. Following a brief discussion in the Bozowi office, we decided that we would publish our Top 5!


Cookoo smartwatch5. ConnecteDevice Cookoo


The Cookoo isn't a bad smartwatch per se but it's neither digital or “traditional”, making it a sort of jack of all trades in terms of the aesthetics. That's great for those that like to keep a low profile or don't want to look like something you would expect to see on the Sci-Fi channel (It's SyFy now, right?) but we tend to prefer the more sleek gadget-y look. In terms of features, it does its job. You won't be reading and sending messages from it any time soon but it lets you see who's calling and lots more with a quick glance.

If the asthetics are your style then it has to be worth your consideration but with the price tag still sitting at a little under £100 and our lack of enthusiasm for the visuals of it all, we'll pass.


I'm Watch4. I'm Watch

The I'm Watch is a truly impressive piece of kit but also comes with a rather tasty £200-250 price tag. However, with a 48 hour battery life, plenty of different colours to choose from and a 1.44” HD touch screen display, we simply can't ignore it. It's stunning to look at, well layed out and runs as smoothly as the best on the market right now.


Sony smartwatch3. Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2

I wanted this in at #2 but it just wasn't to be. I think this is without question the most visually pleasing device of them all and it's functionality is as good as anyone else is offering right now... if you're running Android 4.0 or above. If you're running anything else then you'll need to look elsewhere I'm afraid as Sony simply don't support it. It's a shame because at around £100, it offers superb value.


martian smartwatch2. Martian Smartwatch

We all agreed that this was the Rolex of smartwatches right now. Visually, the range is stunning and it offers all of the functionality that you would want from a smartwatch. While it does currently have voice command features, we're not too confident in their accuracy. It's a work in progress though and will be great when the software is able to finally compliment the hardware. Unfortunately, at a little over £200, we're willing to buy one until it's the finished product.

However, if you like to look sophisticated and want a smartwatch, this may be a worthwhile investment as the fundamental features are all up and running.



Pebble Smartwatch1. The Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble is quite simply the best smartwatch on the market. It's stylish, has absolutely all of the features that you could want from a watch and is the most complete product on the market right now. If you're idea of a smartwatch is what we all hope the iWatch from Apple will be, this is the closest thing you can get your hands on right now!

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