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3 reasons why Permanent Data Removal is safer for your mobile

1. A factory reset only deletes the Data Pathways

Whenever you clear the data or perform a factory reset on your mobile phone, you are in reality only performing an illusion. Despite the fact we no longer have access to our data after a factory reset, the information is not entirely gone, only inaccessible.

What most people are unaware of is when you employ data clearings or factory resets you are not actually deleting the information, only its pathways. This means the flat data is still lurking around within your phones flash chip, in a place called 'Solid State Memory'.

A Permanent Data Removal service on the other hand is effectively a military standard wipe that takes its time to remove the actual data and not just the pathways that leads to it. 


2. Forensic Data Recovery Software

During criminal investigations the police use Forensic Data Recovery software to uncover potential evidence from suspects mobile devices. Even if the data on the device has been deleted or underwent a factory reset, the software can reconstruct pathways and find its way to the hidden data.

This software can access the following data from your phones (After a factory reset)

  • Personal Photos and Videos (yes, even if they were deleted immediately after ... So those bathroom selfies are still on the market)
  • Bank App Details (Pins, Pay Pal, Google checkout etc.)
  • Personal messages (even the deleted ones)
  • Passwords (Facebook, Twitter, emails, Amazon etc.)
  • GPS Locations (and its entire logged history)
  • Phonebook Contacts (and their personal details)

For more information on the other types of data Forensic recovery software can retrieve from your phone check out our Permanent Data Removal page.


3. The EU's new Data Regulations

The European Union's recent data protection regulations were legislated on 25th August and are incredibly complex (convoluted even). 

According to regulations (at least for now) mobile phone users are now responsible for their own data not the phone recyclers. If a consumer decides they want to recycle or sell their phone to make some extra cash, only to have the data recovered by a hacker using forensic Data software, the recycling company is not legally burdened with the responsibility. It sounds awful and quite frankly unreasonable, but until this legislation is amended individual's mobile data is no longer safe after a simple factory reset.  

Asking a phone recycling company to perform a Permanent Data Removal service is also a great way to shift the Burden of responsibility. If you were to pay for a Permanent Data Removal and your data is still recovered, the recyclers will be responsible for failure to deliver a service. (But we didn't tell you that ...)  

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