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Is it Time to Make Space for the New Generation?

In November Microsoft and Sony released their new generation of consoles, the Xbox One and PS4, this gave avid gamers a tough choice on which platform to select. Sony dropped a bombshell by pricing their console at £349, the rival console Xbox One was priced £80 higher at £429 (however this does include the new generation of Kinect).

Sony are currently winning the console war with their PS4 however Microsoft have hit back by permanently reducing the price of their console to £399.99. The new price includes a free copy of Titanfall a Microsoft exclusive game. 2 Million players participated in the beta and it has already won numerous awards before its official UK release date 14th March 2014 (Xbox One & PC) 28th March (Xbox 360).

There is still a long way to go before a clear winner is announced however the fierce competition is perfect for consumers, price drops equal better value. 

Nintendo rival to both Sony and Microsoft recently slashed millions from their sales estimates for the year, this instantly had a negative impact on their company value.  Their console the Wii U received a hefty price drop after they announced a set of revised estimates.

If you haven't upgraded to one of the latest generation consoles now may be the perfect opportunity, if you want to play some of the latest titles. Sell your old console with Bozowi and make space for the new generation!



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