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The iPhone 6 Launch: What to Expect

iPhone-6It’s worldwide “iPhone Day”, as it’s being dubbed on social media. It’s that time that comes around every so often, where Apple decide to open up their box of magic tricks and seemingly dictate to us what new product we’re going to want and almost inevitably buy. In mass. We are sure that there will be an iPhone announced today, possibly even two. In addition to that, it is always widely expected that Apple will drop a bomb on the wearable technology market with the much anticipated and extensively rumoured iWatch. It was the mere rumour of the iWatch that really gave birth to the entire market, so it will be highly surprising if the innovative tech giant doesn’t make a move into it in the relatively near future – especially as it is now gaining traction with the likes of Motorola and Samsung starting to garner something of a following with their own iterations.


iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is rumoured to be coming in two different sizes and is extremely likely to have different internal hardware, to ensure that the levels of performance we have come to expect from iPhones and other Apple products is reached. The smaller and almost guarenteed version is the 4.7 inch iPhone, which in itself is a relatively large increase from the 4 inch display on the iPhone 5S. However, the second iPhone that we’re expecting is said to have a 5.5 inch display, suggesting that Apple has had enough of Samsung’s near monopoly on the “phablet” market.

It has been widely reported that both of the handsets will run on the A8 chipset, which AppleInsider recently suggested was capable of supporting NFC (Near Field Communications) for things such as wireless payments – similar to those seen on credit and debit cards. This of course then sparked rumours that Apple may be moving into mobile payments in a big way, especially since they already have the payment details of over 800 million users via their iTunes system.

For those that like to get geeky and know how all the innards of their devices work, a chinese mobile phone network did publish the tech specs well in advance of the announcement, after accepting 33,000 pre-orders before they were officially even allowed to acknowledge the phones existence.



As we said previously, the iWatch has been rumoured for quite some time now. In fact, rumours first circulating in 2011, so the product is either long overdue or we’re all entirely too impatient. However, unlike the iPhone 6, there has been no major leak of the iWatch. Ordinarily, it could be argued that the reason for there being no leaks is because there is no product but with Apple you just can’t tell. We know that the iPhone 6 is coming and it’s right on schedule, so perhaps Apple didn’t see much benefit to hiding its existence? The iWatch on the other hand would need to remain “top secret” during development and testing, to ensure that its competitors didn’t know what to expect – similar to the first generation iPhone, which caused all of their competitors to completely rethink their entire product range.


Over to you, Tim…

Unfortunately, for about the next six hours, all of this is merely speculation. Until Tim Cook takes the stage in California, we won’t know what’s true and what’s not. This could turn out to be the most significant speech of Tim Cook’s time at Apple, with the iPhone losing ground on Samsung at quite a pace. Should the iWatch also be announced, it will be the first new product range that Apple will have added since Tim Cook took the reigns. If it’s a success, Apple will maintain their position and reputation as an innovator within the industry. If it’s not, fingers will be pointed and comparisons will be drawn to Steve Jobs all over again.

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