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Sell your Blackberry Porsche Design Gold P'9981 for £7000

The Blackberry Porsche Design has become Bozowi's most valuable phone, as a brand new one will receive a payout of £7000. The production is limited to 25 pieces, making these phones ultra rare, and carrying their original price tag of £16,000 very expensive too. Each phone has their limited edition number engraved on the back, this helps identify their rarity for collectors.

The Blackberry Porsche Design P'9981 has a Titanium covering and is them coated in a 24-carat gold layer. The back is made out of leather carrying the limited edition number along with a 5 MP camera. It uses a 1.2Ghz processor, has 8GB of storage, with a 16GB microSD card included. It uses a 2.8inch touchscreen with a 648 x 480 resolution, along with a full gold QWERTY keyboard. It uses a modified version of the Blackberry 7 OS.

The P'9981 has been on sale since June 2013, however handsets are still available to buy as one was spotted at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 for $25,000. The phones were sold in luxury shops such as Harrods and the Porsche Design Store. Blackberry sales have struggled during the last few months, however the P'9981 has caught the eyes of many people and has clearly had an impact with the price tag.

Bozowi are the only UK recycler to purchase this phone from consumers, hence why we are the only company showing on Phones4cash (Edit: This is no longer the case). The P'9981 currently holds its position as most valuable phone on, the popular comparison site.  A brand new one will receive a £7000 payout, used will receive £3500 and faulty will fetch £1888. This is the highest Bozowi would have paid out for one device, if one is ever sent in.

A non-gold plated version of the P'9981 is also available to purchase, however it still carries a £1250 price tag even without it obviously lacks the 24-carat finish. It has identical specifications, therefore making it an ideal choice for those who like the style but don't want to pay the hefty price tag.

The Blackberry price tag may seem over the top for a mobile phone however across the world one off edition of handsets are being sold for astronomical values. Consumers who have the funding enjoy standing out from the crowd. While the demand is there expect to see phones like the Blackberry Porsche Design becoming more frequent.  

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