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Recycle Your iPod

Whether you're an Apple “fanboy” or not, the chances are you have owned an iPod at some point. There's an even greater chance that you no longer use it, because it's easier to just carry your phone around which plays music just as well! There are a number of reasons for you to recycle your iPod instead of leaving it in the bottom of your wardrobe to become obsolete and later end up in a landfill. The first that we would cite is quite simply the amount of time that it takes for modern day electronics to decompose. While there have been significant improvements across the manufacturing industry that have resulted in much “greener” electronics, it is still widely believed that iPod's and similar style products will take between 50 and 100 years to decompose! Let's not even get started on the plastic sections of an awesome device though, eh?

So, why not recycle it with Bozowi and get a little bit of pocket money to boot? We make sure that it's recycled in the most efficient way possible. Interested? We thought so! Follow these simple steps and we'll have your cash in your bank account, PayPal or, if you prefer, we can even get a cheque sent out to you.


Identify the model of your iPod

If you turn your device around, so that the screen is facing the floor, you will see some writing on the back, towards the bottom of the unit. You should see an indication of the hard drive size, such as 8gb, 16gb, 32gb and so on.

identify your ipod

This step is incredibly important. If this information is wrong then the price we offer you online will be invalid and we will be forced to contact you with an accurate quote for your model.


Tell us what you want to recycle

Now that we know what size your iPod is, it's an awful lot easier for us to help you, pay you and either find a new home for your device or give it the send off it (and the environment) deserves. Your next step is to head to the top of this page and type in “iPod” followed by whatever size your device has on the back of its case e.g 8gb. You should see something similar to this:

ipod 8gb recycle

Now, because Apple just love to release a new product every year, you will be presented with a few different models. Simply find the one that looks most like the device in your hand and click the respective image and you will be taken to a page that has this little section, alongside a picture that resembles your iPod:

recycled it!

Simply select the condition that you feel the unit is in and then click “Add to Basket”, as shown in the image above. Now all that remains is to enter the requested information so that we can arrange for your device to head over to us and we can send the cash in the opposite direction!

You've done it and your iPod, your bank account and the enviroment are all better off for it!

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