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Mobile Phone News This Week: 28th April - 2nd May

Samsung Galaxy S5 affected by faulty camera

Samsung has been forced to concede that there is a flaw with their new Galaxy S5 mobile phone. The flagship model has been in high demand since its launch on 11th April, however there has been many reports of users receiving an error when attempting to use the camera. Verizon, a US network carrier, were the first major company to really acknowledge the issue when they tweeted their willingness to replace any of their customers handsets that were affected by the issue.

Users who had units with the faulty cameras had been reporting an error message on their screen that read “Warning: Camera Failed”, which rendered the 16 mega-pixel camera completely useless. Samsung did confirm that “some” units had been shipped with the issue but did not provide an actual estimate or figure. Meanwhile the company's sales declined by 4%, however the Korean tech giant did report an 18% increase in operating profit for Q1 of this year – so don't feel too bad for them.

Become the charger

Staying in Korea, researchers at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology University (gasp!) say they have developed the technology to use body heat as a way of charging mobile devices such as heart monitors and perhaps even Google Glass. The technology uses a thermoelectric generator which stores the heat and converts it to electricity, which once linked with a cable for the relevant device would allow free charging on the go!

While the lead scientist working on the project, Professor Cho, did confirm they hadn't begun working on a mobile phone solution yet, he did say “smartphones will be next application of the TE generator”. A free, mobile, renewable energy source to charge up our gadgets? Where do we sign?

James May caught using mobile phone on the M6. Pillock.

Top Gear presenter James May, who colleagues and fans affectionately refer to as Captain Slow, has been snapped by a fellow traveller using his mobile – whilst driving down the M6. May, 51, could now receive three points on his license, along with a £100 fine. Should the relevant authorities decide to make an example of the good Captain, there's a possibility of the motor show host losing his license.

Just in case that wasn't bad enough, his fellow presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, is currently in the middle of a PR nightmare after he was reported to have used a racial slur during the recording of the show – which has now been leaked. Oh dear.

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