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iPhone 6 Plus: "BendGate"

iPhone-6-conceptDo you remember all of those iPhone 6 designs that were being put together by enthusiasts before the device was actually released? Quite a few of them had an interesting little aspect to them – they incorporated arched displays, similar to the one below. It turns out that the designers weren’t too far off the mark, much to the dismay of Apple and their engineering team.

Unfortunately for Apple, it seems that they have been hit by another slight flaw in one of their products at launch – but this one looks like it could be bigger than the rest by quite some distance. Those who have been relatively long term users of iPhones will remember the big fuss that was caused by the launch of the iPhone 4, which incorporated a complete redesign of the antenna system. Unfortunately, while this was a very impressive improvement in theory, it did prove to be less than practical for those that held their handset in a particular way during a call.

If you placed your hands over two specific points on the device during a phone call then you would lose signal and thus lose your connection with the other party.

This time round though, it’s not such a small issue and not one that’s only going to effect a small percentage of users that grip their phones in weird ways. Oh no, not at all. In fact, it’s like that the flaw in the design from the engineers could very well affect most iPhone 6 Plus owners.

It has been discovered that the iPhone 6 Plus chassis is extremely weak, if subjected to any sort of sustained pressure – causing it to bend, particular if it’s placed in someone’s pocket as they go about their day to day business. This has lead to a series of pictures and videos being circulated on the web, showing multiple examples of the brand new device being severely bent to the curvature of the owners leg.


A Youtuber, who goes by the name of UnboxTherapy, even went as far as to ruin his own device in an effort to highlight the issue – doing so with his bare hands. Apple have been known for their incredible customer support, superior premium designs and build quality. That makes it extremely hard to envision Apple not making an announcement offering replacements for the somewhat “faulty” devices. However, no such announcement has been made yet.

Even if they decide not to offer replacements, citing the users carelessness, with all of the intense media coverage that is building, it seems almost inevitable that they will have to make some sort of statement in the very near future.

Until then, iPhone 6 Plus owners would be well advised to place their handsets within an extremely sturdy case that doesn’t give under pressure. You can find these on most local high streets or at various phone case suppliers online.

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