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How to change the keyboard on your Android device

android keyboardAndroid is possibly one of the most customisable and mainstream operating systems on the market, so it should come as little surprise that you can chop and change the various little elements of your phones interface. One of the most popular alterations that people have been making recently focuses around the keyboard. This came into particular focus around the time that the keyboard from Android Lollipop was leaked, as many saw it as a considerable upgrade. This lead to an awful lot of users searching the Google Play Store, in hope of finding something similar.

Since then we have seen hundreds of questions pop up on the various tech forums, asking how the change can be done and whether it's truly worth it. Well, trust us, it's most definitely worth it. Not only are the keyboards usually more aesthetically pleasing, they add a layer of personality to the handset and provide a better "custom experience".

You will also find that some keyboards will just work better for you, with many of them having modified button placement that allows for greater accessibility potential for those with larger fingers, unsteady hands and various other barriers that they may face.

So, how do we change our Android keyboard to something more to our liking? The following video will show you, step by step. However, we have also provided a detailed explanation below for those that cannot access the video for whatever reason.

Before we can change our stock Android keyboard, we will need to source a replacement. These can typically be found on the Google Play Store in their thousands, as well as from various other sources around the internet.

Once you have found the keyboard that you want, simply hit install and all that's left to do is activate it locally. This is done by going to Settings, tapping "Language" and then "Input". Once you are in the input screen all you need to do is select the keyboard that you have just downloaded and then open the application for it itself, just to finalise any settings that the app may need to run to function. These are usually extremely straight forward and come with on-screen instructions.

Now, if you open any application that uses the keyboard, you should be presented with your new text input method! Congratulations!

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