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Google looking for consistency with Android Silver

There has been an awful lot of buzz around the android community of late and the mere mention of the word “silver” has been leading die-hard fans of the mobile operating system into the realm of speculation. However, over the last few days, Google appears to have sprung a leak! It has been unofficially confirmed that Android Silver will be Google's attempt to pull android developers together and provide users with a consistent experience, regardless of what device they are running the open source software on.


A leaf off the Apple tree

Google are quite clearly taking a leaf out of Apple's book and their immensely popular iOS, which provides users with a relatively consistent experience throughout their devices lifespan. The devices will generally begin to slow down as future updates roll out, encouraging the user to upgrade out of sheer frustration – however, the visuals and app accessibility do remain consistent.

Currently, the only way this level of consistency can be achieved on an android device is to stick with the major manufacturers, such as Samsung. This is where the Apple trend ends.


A huge blow for the bigger manufacturers running AndroidAndroid Silver

While Apple insist on being the only company to ship products running iOS, for obvious reasons, Google are once again going back to the roots of the Android project. The operating system was created for this exact purpose; to give smaller developers and handset producers the chance to compete with the large multinationals. With the constant evolution of the package being taken in so many different directions by so many different companies, it was really becoming an issue that only Google could effectively address.

This news will not have been a surprise to Samsung but it will be a painful one as it will lead to much stiffer competition in the next 12 to 18 months.


We know it's coming but we don't know when

Google do like to keep us all in suspense. As such, this “leak” was probably organised by the search giants themselves to get us all dizzy with excitement. Unfortunately, being the cruel mistress that they are, Google hasn't so much as hinted at any dates for us to start getting ready for. Instead, we're left to just presume that there will be further information when Google I/O comes around later this year. Until then, all we can confirm is that people are speculating. A lot.


The rumours so far

The biggest rumour so far has to be that LG and Motorola want will be the guinea pigs of Android Silver. While they are both huge manufacturers in their own rights, across a broad range of electronics, neither have had immense success in the smartphone market over the last few years. With Motorola now being part of Google, it only seems natural that they will have the competitive edge and a little more information from the word go than their competitors.

Regardless of the rumours, Android has certainly started looking a lot more attractive to users over the last few days.

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