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Channel 4 report about the dangers of mobile phone data recovery

Last Thursday Channel 4's Datababy released a video report on the dangers of recycling your phone without having a permanent data removal. The investigation was triggered when two of the UK's biggest pawn brokers were selling second-hand phones which still contained hidden SMS messages, photos, bank details and more. 

It's great to know the mainstream media are starting to highlight a concern that we have been trying to push for almost half a year. Factory resets, general data wipes and rewriting the firmware simply isn't safe enough now data recovery software is so accessible.  

The video below shows Channel 4's correspondents actively testing out data recovery software (that can be downloaded from the internet) on an old phone that had undergone a factory reset. The presenter was shocked to find that the software was able to recover the previous owners; photos, videos, web history and lots more.  




If you want to learn more about how to avoid Forensic Data Software recovering old data from your mobile devices, then visit our Permanent Data Removal page. 


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