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An alternative way to raise cash on the fly

The last 5 years or so have been hard on everyone, from a financial perspective. Even those who are widely considered to be “rich” have seen the value of their wealth and asset’s slashed, which has a knock on effect for living standards. Naturally many people don’t want their lives to be impacted in such a big way and instead choose to let go of some of their unused personal belongings. This could be a host of things, such as;

  • Jewellery

  • Antiques and family heirlooms

  • Books

  • Old gadgets

  • Televisions from spare rooms

  • Personal Computers that have been made redundant by upgrades

  • Mobile phones

  • Games consoles

This is really where Bozowi comes into play. We have been in the electronic recycling business since 1999 and began offering our services to the general public in 2012 – allowing those who need money to get it in a fast, efficient and stress free manner.


What will Bozowi buy?

We will offer you a reasonable price for almost anything that you may wish to part ways with in your efforts to lay your hands on the funds you need. We have historically always focused on consumer electronics but we are always expanding into different product groups in an effort to provide our customers with the most comprehensive service possible. Some examples of things that we have purchased recently are;

  • Mobile phones and tablets

  • Laptops

  • Digital Cameras

  • Old servers

  • Designer handbags and shoes

  • Gold jewellery and diamonds

  • Designer watches

If you have anything that is even remotely like these items then you can request a valuation from our team, so we can get the process started.


How does it work?

It’s an extremely simple process. Once we have provided you with a valuation, you can choose whether or not to accept it. If you’re happy with it and decide that you would like to deal with Bozowi, we will dispatch a courier to collect your items. All you need to do is place them within a box and seal it up. We’ll handle the rest! It’s really that easy.

Once we receive the package, we’ll make sure that the goods you have sent us are all present and in the condition that you advised us they were in. Once this little process has been completed, we’ll dispatch your payment via the Faster Payments system. This makes the funds instantly available to you – so you have complete access to the funds you need, as soon as possible.


How much can be sent?

There is absolutely no limit on how much you can send us. In fact, we actively encourage you to send as much as you need to. Forget to add something to your basket? No problem. Just drop it in the box along with the rest of your items and let us know. We’ll then just add the value to the total that we send you. Easy as cake.


Not happy with a revised offer?

If something you send us isn’t quite in the same shape that you originally stated and you’re not happy with the revised offer, it’s not a problem. We’ll send the items in question back to you and proceed with any items you are happy with.

If you are looking to sell us anything, then please don’t hesitate to request a valuation.

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