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Why do Bozowi focus so much on Data Security?



Data privacy is a growing concern worldwide, with constant changes in technology an increasing number of people are recycling or reselling their gadgets. Bozowi have adopted, a permanent data removal tool to ensure personal information is fully removed.


What does this tool offer?

- It exceeds the DoD 5220.22-M Military standard by using a times 7 wipe instead of 5.This goes above and beyond the normal level to ensure data has been removed.

- They have the highest certification available in the data wiping industry.

- Currently it has the fastest data removal times in the industry, allowing multiple devices to be wiped at once. This results in a faster turnaround allowing the devices to be reused quicker.

- It supports devices ranging from iPhones, Blackberry's, Samsung's, Nokia's and many more supporting all operating systems. This allows any device to be securely wiped giving the owner complete piece of mind.

When a phone has had its information removed with Bozowi, a certificate of data destruction will be sent to the owner as confirmation.

It's important to keep the gadget recycling industry moving, millions of phones are re used each year and consumers shouldn't feel a need to stop because of privacy issues. We are offering a solution which can remove doubt and allow consumers to feel safe when recycling.

If you'd like to have data permanently deleted on your device click here, or if you're interested in recycling it as well visit our Sell My Mobile page to find out more. 


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