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Our three most eagerly anticipated gadgets of 2014

It’s a never ending circle of expense, pain and disappointment but, nonetheless, here we are in 2014, with our minds on a handful of products that may just be our next “favorite toy”. They’re pretty varied this year, going beyond the usual list of handsets and game consoles that we have tended to desire over the course of the last few years. We feel that this is because technology is shifting. Gaming will always be popular but over the last few years, the gadgets being developed have been focused on instant gratification.

We’re seeing these changes head towards a time when everything needs to be done in an instant, without any form of delay. That’s probably one of the number one reasons why the iPhone has been such a huge success. It removed the stylus (we didn’t need to mention them but we hate them, so we did) and the wait that we were used to enduring when we were seeking information. It didn’t just provide access to a WAP browser and offer its users a chance to get some of the details from a minimal version of the web. It offered the big picture, there and then. There was no waiting to get home. That’s where technology is taking us and it’s as exciting for us as a trip to Disneyland for a six year old. Nothing else matters. So, here are our 5 instant gratification granting devices of 2014.


Polaroid SocialmaticPolaroid Socialmatic

The Polaroid Socialmatic camera is an old dog coming back with a few new tricks. Those of you old enough to remember the Polaroid camera’s will remember the stir they caused in the photography world, with their instant printing of photos, there and then. The white border around the picture is iconic and is synonymous with the latter part of the last century.

The new Polaroid Socialmatic is a little different. There is no white border and it’s certainly a long way from the 1990’s! Instead, the printed pictures now come with a QR code, so anyone can download the picture to their own device and share it. The camera itself has a 4.5 inch touchscreen display and perhaps most impressive of all, it runs on Android. So, be prepared, instagram is about to be flooded with pictures from Socialmatic’s. That is of course if the $299 price tag doesn’t price the average consumer out of the market.


LG Homechat

We love household automation and everything that goes hand in hand with it. LG Homechat looks like it could be about to take it all to another level. You can ask your fridge what it has within it, tell your washing machine to start washing at a certain time, get your vacuum to start cleaning daily without any interaction from yourself and so much more.

This stuff is straight out of The Jetsons and really has us pumped up. There has been no shortage of home automation products over the last decade or so but this one just seems different. It’s a complete solution that has the name of a household name attached to it and seems to be extremely well executed from the demo that we saw. This one has potential.


The Apple iWatch

Ok, so this one hasn’t been announced or even confirmed as being in development but we all know that Apple are up to something and it has to be announced soon, surely! There’s been a lot of talk within the tech industry about Apple missing the boat on this one and that they’re losing ground all the time because others have got there first. That doesn’t matter to them in the slightest.

They weren’t the first MP3 player to market, nor the first smartphone or the first tablet PC. Apple aren’t successful because they come up with new ideas and get them out there quickly, they’re successful because they execute better than the competition. I don’t think we will see an iWatch until Tim Cook and his team are sure that they have something that’s 6-12 month’s ahead of the rest of the industry – which shouldn’t be too hard considering that most of the top smartwatches are half baked right now.

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