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Google Play's Top Apps

Google has released its top apps of the year so far, featuring a number of familiar faces and some that you may not be aware of. Obviously this is a big deal, particularly for those that have a tendency to lean towards Android devices. There are 78 apps featured in total on the Google top list, which spans multiple categories, including games, productivity and even cooking! We've chosen our top few, selecting those that we feel outshine the rest, while not really getting the credit that they deserve from the media as a whole.



Mailbox is an app from Dropbox Inc, the makers of the famous online file storage system of the same name. Mailbox is a lot like any other mail client on the surface, allowing you to keep up to date while on the go. However, once you start to look at it all in a little more detail, you soon realise that it's quite possibly the greatest app you will ever download -- if you email a lot that is. You can delete emails with a swipe, hide stuff for a few hours with a simple tap and they will magically reappear later on for you to handle when time is less pressing. That's just the start. There are dozens of features that make Mailbox the best client around. Unfortunately, it's currently only usable with GMail and iCloud accounts, which limits its usage for many business users. Fear not though, they're working on a more comprehensive solution as we speak.


Wunderlist logoWunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

This is a fantastic little app for organizing your work and personal life. If you have so much going on that you feel the need to scribble notes on your hand, carry around a pad or have alarms set on your phone every hour on the hour to remind you to do this or that, then Wunderlist is the app for you. Simply add a task, with or without a brief description, set a deadline if applicable and you're done. It then sits there, appealing to the OCD sufferer within you until you take action and get the job done, so you can finally tap it to remove it from your to-do. Honestly, there are hundreds of features but not all of them will be applicable to everyone, so it's worth heading over there to check them out for yourself.


edjing logoEDJing - DJ Music Mixer Studio

If you have always fancied yourself as a bit of a DJ then this might be a decent little app for you. It has more than 50,000,000 (yes, that's 50 million) tracks for you to choose from, allows you to alter the pitch, throw in FX and all that jazz. What more could you want from an app that costs absolutely nothing to download? Sure, there's costs attached to some of the songs but you would expect that! This is the music industry after all. Nonetheless, it's a fantastic app and should be downloaded by every music lover, regardless of your age or the genre that you're into.


Editors Note: Be aware that this can become highly expensive, very quickly. There are a lot of in app purchases, be careful what you spend. There's plenty to do for free but nonetheless, it's easy to accidently spend a lot of money, if you don't have the correct settings.


Offtime logo( OffTime ) - Life Unplugged

OffTime is a sensational app for those that either struggle to concentrate on their work or simply cannot get away from it. The app's functionality is relatively simple; it completely cuts off your connectivity, so you're not disturbed by text messages, emails or phone calls during times that you specify. Of course, it would be reckless to simply abandon everything during that time, so you can set lists of contacts that can get through to you during that time and attempts to reach you from those that cannot are stored and displayed when your "OffTime" elapses. This allows you to get on with whatever it is that you need or want to do, without ever missing a beat.


Those are our favourite apps on the list, most of which we use on a daily basis around the office. We would urge you to check them all out though, as they truly are fantastic applications that can improve your work flow, quality of life and DJ skills!

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