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What Will We see at Apple's WWDC 2014?

What Will We see at Apple's WWDC 2014?


On the 3rd Apple announced their Annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) via a press release. It's taking place 2-6 June at San Francisco's Moscone West Venue. The WWDC is a massive event for iOS developers, last year tickets sold out in 2 minutes! Now Apple has shook things up a little, tickets will now be handed out in a sort of lottery system, developers can register to attend, they will be randomly selected and alerted by April 7th.

There has been lots of speculation to what Apple will unveil at their conference, iOS 8, an updated OS X and a 12 inch MacBook Air Retina, however Apple fans also want to see the iPhone 6, potential iWatch, or an updated iPad.

At the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 Apple took quite a beating from the media a critics, as their iPhone 5C was labelled a flop and 5S too small. Android devices have been pumping out 5inch screen devices for some time now, and Apple haven't reacted accordingly. Could 2014 change all of this? Samsung unveiled their S5 packed full of features but ultimately failed on the design aspect. Besides the new material lining on the back, appearance wise its very similar to the S4. This is where Apple can capitalise, they've failed to implement a larger screen, patience could be just what the iPhone needed. Samsung's rapid screen size changes appear to have finally caught up with the S5, as their new display is only 0.1 of an inch bigger. Rumours suggest Apple are set to release the 6 in two larger sizes 4.7 and 5.5 inches. If these specs are correct this should have been the year Samsung released a heavily upgraded Galaxy handset.

Steve Jobs once said 'Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right.' Has Apple deliberately allowed Samsung to stay ahead, lying in wait for their Galaxy S innovations to dry up, and then release their true next generation iPhone? 2014 will hold the answers to this question.

The iPhone 5C was expected to release at a much cheaper price making their products more accessible to consumers in emerging markets. This obviously wasn't the case as the 5C was released at a premium price point, this caused confusion as it was a cheaper remodelled iPhone 5 that Apple released in 2012. Here at Bozowi we enjoy the countdown to new handsets being released, because we receive more popular phones to recycle than usual. Recently there was an increase for all iPhones and Galaxy models being sold to us, this has come after Samsung announced their S5, and Apple released the dates for WWDC 2014. We will send these to developing countries, this allows a different demographic to access Apple's and Samsung's devices at a much cheaper price.

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