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4 Ways to Package for a UPS Collection

Have you requested a free UPS courier collection, and are unsure what materials to use when safely packing your phone? Don't worry Bozowi is here to help with some quick and easy ideas!

If you're sending in a brand new unopened phone packing it is much easier, simply place it into a large envelope preferably a jiffy bag which has protection on the inside , seal it and attach the relevant labels.

The great thing is you can use items already in your house to securely package your gadgets to ensure they arrive safely.

Here are 4 quick and simple ways:


1. Manufacturer Packaging 

The original manufacturer packaging can be used however if it is quite old, make sure you use another box as well to ensure your device is thoroughly protected in transit. If you use this method it is recommended the new box should be at least 6 inches longer, wider and higher than the manufacturers original. Make sure enough protection is placed around the original box to avoid any unnecessary movements.


2. Yesterdays' News ... Papers

Newspaper is an everyday item that a majority will have lying around at home. If you don't have the original box you can wrap newspaper around it as many times as possible creating a large protective layer. This protective shield can then be placed into a secure box and sealed up.


3. Dress it up

If you have old clothes to throw away think twice, most will usually have a good level of thickness so they can offer ideal protection for devices which tend to be fragile. Using a couple of items can offer a good level of support, this will also save you having to throw them away!

Tips - if you've wrapped your phone up and put it in a box, use newspaper to fill in any gaps, this will stop the device from moving.


4. Extreme Packing

Cover the device in polystyrene, layer in bubble wrap, place into a small corrugated cardboard box, and then use foam peanuts to fill in any gaps. This method may result in purchasing a few items however it provides vital protection when your device is en route to us.

When packaging items for UPS you can be as creative as you like, but just make sure that they are safe and securely in place. We have given ideas, so if you want to purchase packing you can if not you can recycle items from around your home.

Visit the ideal Prepare for Shipping guide set by UPS:

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