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About Bozowi


Bozowi's Story

Bo and Zowi in their spaceship

Seven years ago, a planet twelve space sectors away from Earth, had been devastated by uncontrollable waste. This waste had destroyed the ecosystems and plant life, the surface had become a barren wasteland and no one could survive. The only option was to abandon the planet and start anew.

Bo and Zowi (brother and sister) are survivors of the devastated planet and have been tasked with helping inhabitants of other planets to understand the importance of recycling, so they could avoid what had happened to them.

Whilst travelling through the cosmos their spaceship came across a green and blue planet, resembling their own before the pollution turned it into a wasteland.

The planet was earth and fortunately it is in the early stages of environmental destruction. After discovering Earth has a large amount of unused electrical communication equipment, Bo and Zowi knew they could help.

Their WEEE recycling technology allows them to convert electric devices into currency. This hopefully could help Earth avoid a similar catastrophe.

As their spaceship manoeuvred towards Earth's atmosphere Bo and Zowi tapped into its major communication network ... the World Wide Web.

Bo then began to broadcast his welcome message

"Greetings Earth friends, we are Bozowi. We have come to help your waste problem. We will recycle your old phones and pay you in cash for your help. Together we will help save this planet!"

Story to be continued...


Who Are We

Bo and Zowi holding hands with mobile devices

Bozowi is part of the ECD Group. ECD are a limited company registered within the UK, having been established for over 11 years within the mobile phone recycling industry. The Managing Director Mr Steven Athwal has been involved in recycling mobile phones since the 1980's.

The directors have a combined experience of almost 50 years in the industry and were one of the first few pioneering recycling within this industry back in the late 1980's. This is when Steven realised the harmful effects of sending mobile phones to landfill and set out to find ways to recycle unwanted mobiles.

Until now we have kept a very low key profile and conducted our business away from the public eye, working with other public facing recycling companies, blue chip companies, and major European mobile phone networks. We're one of the leading mobile phone reuse specialists in Europe.

With a recent move to a one-acre purpose built site the decision was made to purchase unwanted mobiles direct from the public for the first time and find uses for them all over the world. Hence we have teamed up with our intergalactic recycling friends brother and sister duo Bo and Zowi.

Having an annual turnover of over £10million, no borrowing together with a strong balance sheet we are ideally positioned to offer the fastest payments for your unwanted mobiles.

We have strong established working relationships with many well-known Networks, Manufacturers, Repair Centres and Retailers. So we're well placed to take good care of your old phones.


Message From The Director


"Firstly I would like to thank you for visiting and supporting our site. My aim is to do whatever I can to ensure handsets are never sent to landfill and to ensure that you the customer are completely satisfied with our prices and services. Having been in business for almost 3 decades we know the importance of keeping customers happy to ensure they not only use our website again but more importantly recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

My number one priority is the environment, years of excess and living in a throwaway society have resulted in gigantic volumes being sent to land fill. We all must play our part to ensure the future for generations to come.

If there is anything that we can do that we are not already doing please let me know you can contact me directly by email on I welcome all feedback and suggestions."

Managing Director -