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Sell My Sat Nav - Same Day Payment

Garmin, TomTom, Navman and Navigon ... Whatever your Sat Nav model is, Bozowi will offer you the most reasonable price and have the money in your bank account the same day.

Bozowi's straightforward online buying system allows you to sell your GPS devices with almost no effort whatsoever.


Things you may not know about Sat Navs


  • Over 100 celebrities have recorded Sat Nav voice directions
  • Voted 3rd most useful device of the 21th century in a recent poll 
  • It was also voted 5th most frustrating device by another poll
  • Mr. T is the most popular choice for a Sat Nav voice over
  • The Simpson's character's Homer is 2nd and Monty Burns is 3rd 


Our Unique Services


We try to customise our services around each one of our customers specific needs. We offer a same day payment which makes sure you are paid the day your phone is tested. This is accompanied with a tailored collection service, which gives you the freedom to choose when and where your phone is collected.

How to sell your Sat Nav or TomTom?


Simply enter your model in the search box above and choose your device and follow the instructions.