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Sell My HTC Phone - New, Faulty and None Working

Here at Bozowi we recycle all the HTC models and offer the highest prices for potential sellers. It could be new, used, faulty or even not working at all, we will buy it and get the money into your account as soon as the device is tested.

We even offer a permanent data removal service for those HTC users that are little cautious about data hacking.


Somethings you may not know about HTC


HTC began selling electrical devices back in 1997 when Chinese electronics moguls Cher Wang and Peter Chou decided to change the face of the mobile phone market. After a long series of flops and near misses, Cher Wang (the daughter of one the world's biggest petrochemical companies) came to the rescue and pulled HTC out form the gutter.

Miss Wang contributed significant amounts of her own money to the HTC cause and steered the company in a new direction. From then on, HTC began developing goods for other big brands and stayed very much out of the limelight. 

However since 2006, HTC have been busy developing an impressive resume of exceptional smartphones, throwing them into a toe-to-toe battle with the likes of Samsung Apple.


Our Unique Services


We try to customise our services around each one of our customers specific needs. We offer a same day payment which makes sure you are paid the day your phone is tested. This is accompanied with a tailored collection service, which gives you the freedom to choose when and where your phone is collected.


How do I sell my HTC?


You can do one of two things


1. Type your model into the search box above

2. Find it in the most popular list below.