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Exclusive Same Day Payment

Bo with his Same Day cashBozowi are the only recyclers to offer a true same day payment service, unlike other recyclers our payment to you will clear into your account as soon as we issue it. We issue payment as soon as the device arrives to our sophisticated recycling facility, is booked in and successfully passes our testing criteria.

Depending on the delivery method used we should receive your devices within 1 - 7 days, we immediately book in your device and begin testing the same day if we receive your device before 1pm. Once testing has completed and your device has met our testing criteria we will issue payment into your bank or PayPal account before 5pm on the same day!

If you use our Collection Service, you could even get paid within 24 - 48 hours of collection*.


* If your device meets our testing criteria and your devices arrive before 1pm at our recycling facility.